Puhoi Organic Distillery released the first product from its Hypoallergenic All-Natural fragrance & skincare range. This aftershave is created as an alternative to other aftershaves, which are manufactured using denaturated alcohol and essential oils. The alcohol content in the aftershave is up to 70%, and its quality is a very important factor, especially for sensitive […]


High Strength Food-grade alcohol for your home-made Limoncello

If you wish to make a real and incredible Limoncello, better than what you can buy from a liquor store, you need to use high-proof alcohol (no less than 90% in strength). The commonly made mistake is using ordinary vodka instead. In order to extract the essential oils & flavours from the lemon zest, only […]

fine-New-Zealand-bespoke-spirits-for -export-and-gifts

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s multilingual representatives

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s fleet of branded delivery vehicles are being driven by the Distillery’s multilingual representatives Victoria and Hanson. You can talk to them in the following languages: English, French, Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic and Italian.


New release of artisan spirits celebrating New Zealand grapes!

Although New Zealand dry wines are highly respected around the world, there is no spirit made on the New Zealand grape base that would celebrate the authentic New Zealand grapes absorbing the unique Pacific terroir. Puhoi Organic Distillery is the pioneer who took on the challenge to fill in this gap. As the result, we […]


NZ’s bespoke Vermouths now available in London!

At last UK connoisseurs will be able to try All-natural Vermouths. As far as I know, these bespoke Vermouths, handcrafted by myself by Dr Iryna Kirichuk’s (MD) original recipes for KARVEN private label , are the only 100% all-natural Vermouths that do not contain any harmful ingredients. Our unique family of Vermouth Bitters is complemented […]


Bespoke Craft Cinnamon Gin for Fine Wine Delivery Co

We are happy to announce the successful launch of an Artisan bespoke Gin already almost sold out by our new customer, a reputable expert in fine wines and spirits, Fine Wine Delivery Co. The very first batch is only 133 bottles, and therefore its temporary working title is GIN 133. Their staff fell immediately in […]


The best collectable gift for Whisky lovers – Limited Edition

The very first release of the three types of NZ whisky in one gift set of three miniature bottles – traditional hip flasks of 100 ml each. The miniature set of three is packaged in a NZ made wooden gift box branded with the logo of Puhoi Organic Distillery. The set includes Manuka Honey Whisky, […]



Puhoi Organic Distillery offers unique customized miniature oak barrels filled with handcrafted bespoke spirits of the customer’s choice. The most popular barrel size is 5 litres. The barrels are treated by the Master Distiller both externally and internally with a special secret formula based on all-natural food grade ingredients. The barrels are refillable and can […]


Yes! We handcraft spirits for private labels.

The good news for all those who dream about their own private label spirits: Puhoi Organic Distillery welcomes customers’ orders for the handcrafted artisan Limited Edition boutique spirits. Our private label customers include such well established business names as Giraffe restaurant by Simon Gault, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Puhoi Pub, KARVEN, etc. We are […]



麦卢卡蜂蜜是新西兰极富盛名的健康产品,以其天然的保健功能成为诸多健康产品的重要原料。 而闻名遐迩的苏格兰威士忌,也是世界公认的顶级威士忌酒。           在西方文化中,蜂蜜与威士忌是一种广为流传的经典组合,但市场也由此被一些低质产品所充斥,酒体浑浊、杂质悬浮都直接证明了从蜂蜜原料到原料酒工艺的粗糙。           因此,威士忌鉴赏家们通常自己选用威士忌和蜂蜜来调配个性化的威士忌蜜酒,这样的结果虽然品质有保证,但是后期加入的蜂蜜会降低酒精度,通常这样的蜜酒不会超过35°酒度,达不到理想的口感。           为了既保持高品质苏格兰威士忌的风味,亦能与麦卢卡蜜及其它保健植物提取物完美交融,我们历尽繁复的制作过程,在普霍伊有机酒庄和医学博士Iryna Kirichuk的协助下,荣誉推出纯天然手工麦卢卡蜂蜜威士忌。  麦卢卡蜂蜜威士忌的诞生,得到了Whisky Library所有者Tony McHugh的大力协助,Tony是诸多苏格兰威士忌的直接供应商,提供了优选的威士忌作为我们麦卢卡蜂蜜威士忌的基酒。           Kirichuk医学博士为产品提供了植物精华提取复合成分,帮助麦卢卡蜜在酒中保持其保健功效,我们也避免了溶解后的蜂蜜出现的浑浊现象。  最终的产品不负众望,保持了精品苏格兰高地威士忌的风格,口感更柔和,同时麦卢卡蜂蜜有机的融合其中,伴随着植物精华的芳纯,回味绵长,令人愉悦。在不添加任何焦糖色的情况下,呈现完美的琥珀色,酒体亦清澈透明。 更有诗意的描述,还是请大家观赏下面一段Don Kavanagh在2017奥克兰食品展上的介绍吧: