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Dr. Kirichuk selects the best New Zealand organic grapes for her famous Red Grape Tonic

Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate&Detox Red Grape Tonic was recognised as one the best New Zealand products at the New Zealand Brands International Festival which took place from 1 to 10 October in Tianhe, Guangzhou, China. Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate&Detox Red Grape Tonic – unique natural formula for replenishing human body needs in bionutrients. The tonic is rich with […]


Starka: new is well forgotten old :)

Puhoi Starka is our Master Distiller’s remake of old-fashioned Vodka which was famous among the Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian noblemen. Starka was the Eastern European response to such spirits like brandy and whiskey, both of which were simply barrel-aged alcohol. Starka was much more sophisticated and complicated in creation. Each nobleman’s estate which produced Starka […]


GREAT NEWS!!! Dr Kirichuk’s Functional Dairy-free Chocolate back in stock!

Dr Kirichuk’s Functional Dairy-free Chocolate is a highly enjoyable Dietary Supplement.  Acts as a natural Anti-oxidant  Re-enforces brain function  Helps to balance mood  Provides stress relief  Combats general fatigue  Intensifies detoxification  Contributes to well-being Dr Kirichuk’s Functional Dairy-free Chocolate is Dr Kirichuk’s original invention and a new exciting […]


PROPOLIS – Nature’s true gift for your health

Propolis – the most powerful natural antibiotic Legendary time-tested defensive properties Unique New Zealand Propolis is the world’s best Dr Kirichuk’s Propolis comes from Manuka bush in spray-free Puhoi area in NZ Importance of Propolis for the human health: serious weapon against the Superbug (including MRSA) Specialist-made in New Zealand by Dr Kirichuk (MD) Handcrafted […]


Meet SALUBRITY SCENTS – bespoke New Zealand Natural Perfumes

Even though the world seems to be flooded with all sorts of fragrances, the task of finding a 100% natural perfume turns out to be a “mission impossible”. Such natural perfumes used to exist before the ”chemical revolution” era which brought about a multitude of cheaper synthetic substitutes. The creation of natural fragrances, as we […]

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Successful premiere of Dr Kirichuk’s Red Grape Tonic in China

The successful premiere of Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate&Detox Red Grape Tonic took place in Tianhe, Guangzhou, China during the New Zealand Brands International Festival held from 1st to 10th of October this year. The visiting customers showed great interest and gave the most positive feedback about this product. Based on this feedback the expo organisers have […]

Puhoi organic plums-Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate&Detox Sweet Plum Tonic

New addition to our online store: Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate&Detox Sweet Plum Tonic

Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate&Detox Sweet Plum Tonic – unique natural formula for replenishing human body needs in bionutrients. The main ingredient – organically grown spray-free plums are courtesy of Titford family – one of the original Bohemian Puhoi settlers. Their old-fashioned plum variety orchard was established in Puhoi around a century ago. The Titfords hand-pick their […]


Congratulations, KARVEN team! Well done!

The Puhoi Organic Distillery team congratulates the KARVEN Craft Distiller team with the outstanding results achieved in the first year of promotion and development of their brand. Since the first batch of KARVEN Dry Gin distilled in February 2016 during the sixth months following three International Wines & Spirits Competition Awards have been won: Double Gold […]

Bespoke Brandy Pilotage - New Zealand sipping spirit

Release of the Bespoke Artisan Unoaked Sipping Brandy Pilotage

The classic definition of brandy is: a strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine. The most famous brandy is known as Cognac – brandy distilled in the French province of Cognac. This spirit is matured for a long time in oak barrels and heavily coloured with caramel (burned sugar). Unoaked brandy ‘Pilotage’ handcrafted by Puhoi Organic […]

Limited Edition Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron spirits


The City of Sails – Auckland is the most logical place to present the new generation of wines and spirits created by yachtsmen for yachtsmen. The RNZYS is the centre of yachting not only in New Zealand, but also one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world, and is therefore a perfect place […]