Deluxe VIP Bespoke Natural Perfume gift voucher


A lucky lady or gentleman owning this voucher can exchange it for a fairy-tale travel to the world of Natural aromas; as a memorable reward for this fabulous trip they will obtain a unique treasure: a refillable perfume bottle hand-carved from 2000-year old Swamp Kauri by a New Zealand artist. It can bring joy to its owner a whole lifetime, and for the start it comes with 100 ml of Bespoke Natural fragrance/s handcrafted by the SALUBRITY SCENTS perfumer.

And this is not all! Another small artist-designed treasure will let you keep your favourite bespoke scent close to the heart: a refillable designer hand-blown glass vial necklace.

The cave with treasures is located in the picturesque historic Bohemian village of Puhoi. Bring your partner with you! 

The Treasure Hunt will take you about 90 minutes.

Endless refreshments: courtesy of Puhoi Organic Distillery

*Please note: the gift voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.