1. Participating in Westpac Business Awards is a risky business, but we have taken this risk again in 2019! Video – courtesy of The Beer Spot.

2. Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Blueblood Gin is a Kiwi Gin sensation, and also a Kiwi innovation. Unlike the popular Blue Sapphire Gin (the only blue part of which is the colour of its glass bottle), Blueblood Gin is genuinely aristocratic blue. It was born to rule in the kingdom of gins!

3. After the first year of work, Puhoi Organic Distillery has been awarded with the 2017 Westpac Business Awards as the Best Emerging Business.

4. The ravishing review of the very first batch of Manuka Honey Whisky by the leading New Zealand’s whisky expert Don Kavanagh during the Auckland Food Show in July 2017.