Trailblazing: the first in NZ 100% all-natural refined sugar-free Raspberry Negroni!

From now on, using only the ingredients handcrafted by Puhoi Organic Distillery, you can stun your guests with a 100% all-natural New Zealand Raspberry Negroni! For this you will need 1 part of Oak Matured Raspberry Amaro, 1 part of Oak Matured Vermouth, and, you can choose between 1 part of Master Distiller’s Reserve Dry […]

Solar-powered Tesla charger at Puhoi Organic Distillery

Attention TESLA cars’ owners: starting from September 2018 Puhoi Organic Distillery’s solar system generates electricity not only for the distillation, but also for complimentary charging of Tesla cars (the Distillery’s customers only). You can also find us on the official Tesla Destinations map by clicking this link


The best New Zealand Artisan Spirit 2018

Puhoi Organic Distillery is the only artisan spirit manufacturer which reached finals in New Zealand Alcoholic Beverages Award 2018 competition, powered by Massey University in 2018. Our big THANK YOU to all our supporters, who contributed to us getting New Zealand Alcoholic Beverages Award: Smith&Caughey’s  Fine Wine Delivery Co Simon Gault Royal New Zealand Yacht […]


Pretty-in-White by Smith&Caughey’s

Dry Gin by Puhoi Organic Distillery is available at Smith&Caughey’s on Queen Street:   Gin up with the Solar Distilled Gin!


Become a home-made Limoncello Master!

Want to learn how to craft your own Limoncello? Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk provides exclusive fun training. To learn more, watch the animated video below link to ANIMATED VIDEO ON LIMONCELLO FUN TRAINING The persons wishing to get recruited as future home-made artisan Limoncello Masters, contact the Master Distiller on

Limited-Edition-small-batch-Manuka-Honey-Whiskey-Manuka-Honey-Whisky-artisan-gin-bespoke-rum-top-shelf-spirits-fine-vodka-handcrafted-New-Zealand-spirits- New-Zealand-gifts-Smith&Caugheys-100%-solar-power

Smith & Caughey’s – our new stockist

Good news for all the top-shelf liquor connoisseurs from Puhoi Organic Distillery! You can now find us in Queen Street, at the iconic Smith & Caughey’s Department Store, with the 130 years of history as one of the New Zealand’s best-loved department stores, specializing in luxury goods. Nine boutique products from our range are on […]



Puhoi Organic Distillery released the first product from its Hypoallergenic All-Natural fragrance & skincare range. This aftershave is created as an alternative to other aftershaves, which are manufactured using denaturated alcohol and essential oils. The alcohol content in the aftershave is up to 70%, and its quality is a very important factor, especially for sensitive […]


High Strength Food-grade alcohol for your home-made Limoncello

If you wish to make a real and incredible Limoncello, better than what you can buy from a liquor store, you need to use high-proof alcohol (no less than 90% in strength). The commonly made mistake is using ordinary vodka instead. In order to extract the essential oils & flavours from the lemon zest, only […]

fine-New-Zealand-bespoke-spirits-for -export-and-gifts

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s multilingual representatives

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s fleet of branded delivery vehicles are being driven by the Distillery’s multilingual representatives Victoria and Hanson. You can talk to them in the following languages: English, French, Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic and Italian.

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