Private Master Distiller’s Reserve Luxury Presentation


Designed as an entertaining and educational session for the duration of 3 hours: submersion into the history of alcohol, learning of intriguing details and industry secrets revealing. At the conclusion of this unique event, you will take away with you a huge amount of impressions, new knowledge and sensational stories to tell.

The Private Presentation is conducted at the Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Private Tasting Room by the celebrated Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk with the Degree of Nuclear Power Engineer and many years of experience. He will overthrow your understanding of alcohol.

You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the range of rare and exotic spirits, but also the lavish food specially designed to accompany this unique tasting. Many of the dishes you will try are handcrafted by the Distillery team by the original recipes that include special cuisine ingredients: gin, vodka, vermouth, brandy, etc.

The session includes familiarization with the science of Enotherapy, Adaptogenic Dietary Supplements and Therapeutic Perfumes – learn the art of guilt free indulgence using wide range of artisan alcohol products handcrafted exclusively by the Kirichuk family team.

Puhoi Organic Distillery is the very first and only Solar-powered distillery in New Zealand, and the only distillery in Auckland region recommended by the Lonely Planet Guide’s ‘Global Distilleries Tour’. It is also the only distillery that can be visited by the public in Auckland by invitation. Moreover, it is the closest Distillery to Auckland CBD (30 minutes driving).


Obtain lifetime experience for only $300 plus GST per head (for private bookings from 4 to 9 people):

This luxury event is a private function reserved for your small group only, conducted on a private property. Your group will be seated on handcrafted chairs around an antique Italian table, beautifully set with collectable crystal glass and decanters. The Master Distiller and his assistants will spend all three hours with you at the table and will pay personal attention to each member of your group. For the educational and entertaining purposes, a number of breathalyzer tests are conducted during the event.

This event’s format is totally unique, based on the legendary Ukrainian hospitality, and not offered anywhere else outside of Ukraine. Expect more food and drink than you can consume, many hilarious jokes, and the discovery of special spirits-matching food, known as ‘Zakuski’. The plentiful gourmet ‘Zakuski’ are specially selected for each presented handcrafted beverage. The fantastic range of handcrafted beverages includes, but not limited to:

Aperitifs by your choice (range of Medicinal Bitters, Oak-aged Vermouth, Raspberry Amaro, Chernobyl Martini Cocktail, etc) paired with the first set of specially selected Zakuski. Prepare your appetite for the main show during the introduction to the only Solar-powered Distillery in the World;

Neat strong spirits matching Cold and Hot Zakuski (a range of rare & exotic Vodkas including award-winning Ukrainian style Manuka Honey & Chilli Horilka and Oak-rested Starka). Discover the true cossack traditions of alcohol consumption accompanied by plenty of hearty gourmet dishes;

Digestives to be selected from sophisticated cocktails made by non-conventional recipes and innovative technologies. Get educated about the unique science of Enotherapy – the philosophy behind Puhoi Organic Distillery’s all-natural beverages;

ONE FOR THE ROAD – the final drink by your choice before leaving; and the last breathalyzer test to prove that your level of enjoyment is much higher than the level of alcohol in your breath.

A pleasant bonus in the end – 25% discount on any purchase before you leave.

Booking, Payment & Cancellation Policy

As the working Distillery we have to stop our machinery and processes to make your visit safe. Therefore, by default, at least 3 days prior notice is required for booking a tasting. Your group’s dietary restrictions can be accounted for.

100% non-refundable deposit is required for the booking. Therefore, please choose your date and time carefully (we normally can help with altering the start time on the event day, but we cannot change the date for you because of our existing manufacturing schedules).

TO BOOK CONTACT US BY EMAIL  Expect our response within 24 hours.

Other Terms and Conditions:

Free parking is provided.

The Distillery itself is a non-smoking area, however, the smokers’s corner is provided on the property.

Intoxicated persons will be refused entry.

Persons younger than 18 years of age will be admitted only if supervised by their parents/guardians.

Sorry, no facilities for disabled persons at the Distillery.

Photo taking with the prior permission from the Distillery staff.