Dr Kirichuk’s Herbal Bitter G&T drops

Dr-Kirichuk-MD-new-zealand-made-medicinal-bitter-gin-flavoured-bitter-gin-and-tonic-drops‘Dr Kirichuk’s Herbal Bitter G&T drops’ are composed in the best traditions of the European preventive medicine, and are based on well-known healing properties of Juniper berries (Lat. Juniperus Communis). The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (BHP) describes Juniper’s actions as diuretic, antiseptic, carminative, stomachic, antirheumatic and says it is indicated for acute or chronic cystitis, flatulent colic & ‘rheumatism’.

Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD), the leading expert in Natural Adaptogens, has formulated her powerful adaptogenic Herbal Bitter G&T Drops to detox and rejuvenate body.

In order to extract and deliver the precious Natural Adaptogens from adaptogenic botanicals to human body, Dr Kirichuk (MD) uses her original technology based on the scientific fact that strong food-grade alcohol (Ethanol) is the best possible extractor (as described in Pharmacopeias). Ethanol is also the best natural preservative, which provides a long-shelf life to the remedy without having to use any other preservatives. And, the last but not the least, Ethanol is an excellent carrier of adaptogenic goodness to the cellular level.

Dr Kirichuk’s Herbal Bitter G&T Drops is a concentrated classic medicinal tincture, each drop of which is a treasure filled with the healing adaptogenic properties of her sophisticated adaptogenic botanical formulation (Intellectual Property protected by a number of Kirichuk family Trade Marks).

Dr Kirichuk’s Herbal Bitter G&T drops contain all-natural adaptogenic botanical composition that stimulates bile flow and the production of digestive enzymes. It helps to detox, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. It is rich with antioxidants.

The composition is formulated by Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD) as an effective remedy to assist detox process for human body.


Specialist-handcrafted by Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD) at the Kirichuk family owned and operated Puhoi Organic Distillery, the only solar-powered distillery in New Zealand. The remedy is 100% all-natural herbal bitter, containing no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

The effectiveness of this all-natural remedy is based on the synergy of the well-known active ingredients – Juniper berries (Juniperus Communis) and such adaptogenic botanicals as Poorman’s Orange (Citrus Paradisi Macfadyen),  Dogrose  (Rosa Canina), Angelica (Angelica Archangelica) and Hawthorn (Crataégus).

Other ingredients: food-grade alcohol, artesian water.

The high quality food-grade alcohol distilled by solar-power at Puhoi Organic Distillery acts as the best natural extractor, preservative and carrier of adaptogenic goodness to body cells.

SAFETY & STORAGE: bottled in 100ml apothecary quality black glass bottles protecting the product from exposure to sunlight. The bottle is equipped with a safe rounded tip dropper. Store in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Single dosage/maximum frequency:  10 drops per portion/up to 5 times a day.

The most enjoyable way of consumption is mixing into Indian tonic water, as a healthy substitute of Gin for the classic Gin & Tonic cocktail. The recommended single dosage contains a minute amount of alcohol, which can altogether disregarded as far as consumption of alcohol is concerned, and will not cause any intoxication.

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