Puhoi Bohemian Absinthe (375ml 65% ABV)



We proudly present you with our handcrafted Limited Edition Puhoi Bohemian organic Absinthe (Do not confuse with the “Bohemian-style” absinthe). Created in New Zealand’s clean and green environment, this boutique spirit has its own unique formula and inimitable taste. This vegan-friendly organic GMO-free spirit is distilled with our secret composition of botanicals, including locally grown Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood).

We have handcrafted a Limited Edition Bohemian Absinthe based on the original Swiss recipe, but improved with the assistance of modern scientific knowledge of Adaptogens.

It is a very Limited Edition – 30 bottles x 375ml only, but I am certain it is the best Absinthe in the country. It is handcrafted from freshly picked organically grown next to the Puhoi Organic Distillery botanicals. The Puhoi Bohemian Absinthe’s alcohol is distilled from New Zealand organic dry wine.
Our serving recommendation: The taste is already perfectly balanced, but because the strength is high – 65% ABV, it needs to be diluted with fresh apple juice (the best option) or as an alternative, with freshly squeezed orange juice. Please do not follow the mainstream practice of burning sugar, etc. Pour Puhoi Bohemian Absinthe over a generous amount of ice in your glass (don’t use town supply tap water for your ice – only rain water or mineral water), then add freshly squeezed juice and stir. Enjoy!

Puhoi Bohemian Absinthe is a collectible and a small-batch boutique spirit and is not available in ordinary liquor stores.

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