Food-grade strong alcohol 96% ABV for Cake makers & Decorators (750ml) New Zealand deliveries only



Highly recommended for watering down metallic paints:

  • Evaporates very fast (within only 1-2minutes)
  • Irreplaceable ingredient for creating metallic, shiny and sparkly edible paints
  • Economical to use: 750 ml bottle would last for approx. 50-60 three-tier cakes
  • Money-saving: Helps to save expensive golden dust – if the alcohol+dust mixture is left over, alcohol evaporates, and then the metallic dust can be re-used
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • Contains no additives like Rose essence, etc.
  • Useful for removing corn flour or icing marks off the sugar paste or fondant
  • All-natural, Food Grade, GMO-free
  • New Zealand made using Solar energy
  • Unlimited shelf life

Application: Mix with powders and lustres to form a quick drying paint.

Price: $153.00 per bottle (750ml)

The price includes Excise Duty and GST. Free shipment throughout New Zealand.

Minimum purchasable quantity is 750ml.

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