High Strength Food-grade alcohol 96% ABV for your home-made Tinctures & Bitters (750ml)



Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts, made by steeping fresh or dried herbs and other plant parts in alcohol. In medicinal Pharmacopeias strong food-grade Alcohol (70-96% alcohol by volume, also known as ABV) is described as the best extractor. Although some people attempt to use drinking spirits (vodka, brandy, whisky, etc.) to prepare home tinctures, but the resulting fluids cannot be referred to as tinctures, as the alcohol below 70% ABV is unable to extract the goodness of botanicals by default.

Therefore, professional tincture makers use only strong food-grade alcohol for making high-quality medicinal tinctures. It is not only the strength of alcohol which matters, but also its purity. Thus, using low-quality, unpurified alcohol for extraction is not a good idea at all.

For the purposes of making medicinal extracts we offer the purest and the strongest food-grade alcohol 96% ABV made from GMO-free plant material (particularly wheat). It is both vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Such alcohol is easily flammable, and therefore it is listed under Dangerous Goods Class 3 for transportation. We provide all the necessary measures for safe delivery of your order. We use the secure packaging, such as top quality French glass bottles with secure glass stoppers only.

Please keep in mind, that when providing the delivery address for your order, an adult person must be present to sign for the Dangerous Goods received.

The price of $153 includes all taxes, packaging and delivery across New Zealand.

Attn Custom Permit holders: please contact us directly for the purchase with the respective price.

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