High Strength Food-grade alcohol 96% ABV for your home-made Limoncello (750ml)



If you wish to make a real and incredible Limoncello, better than what you can buy from a liquor store, you need to use high-proof alcohol (no less than 90% in strength). The commonly made mistake is using ordinary vodka instead. In order to extract the essential oils & flavours from the lemon zest, only strong alcohol must be used, no less than 90% strength. It must be top quality Food grade alcohol, such, for example, as Grain. Another option is, if you strictly want to adher to the Italian traditions –  use wine distilled alcohol.

Puhoi Organic Distillery offers top quality Food-Grade alcohol of several types, all high strength (starting from 90% ABV+), shipped around New Zealand only.

Our alcohol is of the best quaility, GMO-free, distilled using Solar energy, and it is certainly the best alcohol on NZ market for making Limoncellos.

If we get no special instructions from you, by default we will supply you with the stronger Food-Grade alcohol option –  Grain alcohol  96% ABV, when you place an order with us.

If you, however, prefer Wine Distilled alcohol  – please note that it is  slightly less strong, 94% ABV(and subject to availability), please specify your choice in the Special Instructions box when placing an order in our online store.

For the easy-to-follow incredible Limoncello recipe, please follow our Blog page by following this link https://spirits.net.nz/news/high-strength-food-grade-alcohol-for-your-home-made-limoncello

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