Special shipment to Australia – any 3 x 750ml spirits from Master Distiller Reserve range



To satisfy the increasing demand of United Kingdom’s connoisseurs for our unique solar-distilled spirits, we have negotiated the best delivery deal with DHL.

Our NZD 360 offer includes:

  1. any three 750ml bottles from our Master Distiller Reserve range

2. The DHL shipment to Australia is NZD 110 to any address in Australia. Usually shipment from the time of of receiving payment from you takes 2-3 working days, which allows to pack your order and pass it to DHL (however, under COVID-19 restrictions, it might take up to several days longer). You will receive DHL notifications to your email provided in your order form.

Please note: This price does not include any local levies and duties that might be chargeable by customs in Australia.

When placing your order, please remember to list your chosen three Master Distiller Reserve range spirits.

The current Master Distiller Reserve range includes (you can read more about each listed product by clicking on its name):


Blueblood Gin

Saffron&Apple Gin

Raspberry Dry Gin

Classic Dry Gin


Manuka Honey Whisky

DoubleWood Whisky


Blueblood Vodka

Puhoi Starka

Horilka – Manuka Honey&Chilli Ukrainian style vodka

Sauvignon Blanc Vodka

Wasabi Vodka

Wormwood Vodka

Classic Grain Vintage Vodka


Oak Matured Raspberry Amaro


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