Private Guided Tour

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Designed for small groups up to nine adults (18+). puhoi-organic-distillery-in-puhoi-new-zealand-top-craft-whiskey-and-gin-distillery-recommended-by-Lonely-Planet

The package:

Exclusive half-day excursion to the New Zealand’s only solar-powered Distillery, located in the picturesque historic Bohemian Puhoi village (30km north from Auckland CBD);

Award-winning Puhoi Organic Distillery is recommended by Lonely Planet as a top boutique distillery experience, and is the only working distillery in Auckland that can be visited by the public Master-Distiller's-Reserve-presentation-in-Puhoi-by-Puhoi-river-private-bespoke-tour-Lonely-Planet-Guide-recommended-New-Zealand-best-artisan-Destination-whisky-vodka-rum-gin-absinthe-brandy-vermouth-tastingduring tailor-made bespoke tours.

This is a really Private tour, and you will be the only visitors invited to the Distillery on the day; please note that the Distillery has to stop any operations during your visit. Therefore advance bookings and non-refundable deposits are essential.

The Private Distillery Presentation is conducted by the celebrated Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk with the Degree of Nuclear Power Celebrated-new-zealand-master-distiller-Alex-Kirichuk-based-in-Puhoi-New-Zealand-behind-Puhoi_pubNew-Zealand-all-natural-Martini-handcrafted-in-Puhoi-New-Zealand-with-organic-wormwoodEngineer and many years of experience. He has survived the Chernobyl disaster thanks to his wife’s, Dr Iryna Kirichuk’s (MD), alcohol  based remedy, and he will overthrow your understanding of alcohol;

You will not regret investing your time & money in this lifetime experience, and become one of the first people on the planet privileged to enjoy zero emission alcohol.

All our products are boutique & handcrafted in small batches by family’s secret recipes. You will have an endless tasting choice, e.g. rare and exotic gins, rums, vodkas, whiskeys, brandies, absinthe, schnapps, bitters, vermouth etc.

You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the range of rare and exotic spirits, but also the lavish food specially designed to accompany this unique tasting. Many of the dishes you will try are handcrafted by the Distillery’s family team by the original recipes that include special cuisine ingredients: gin, vodka, vermouth, brandy, etc;

The three-hour tasting session includes familiarization with the science of Enotherapy, Chocolate Dietary Supplements and Therapeutic Perfumes – learn the art of guilt free indulgence using wide range of artisan alcohol products handcrafted exclusively by the Kirichuk family team;


Your personal Guide will be Victoria Kirichuk, the member of Kirichuk family’s owned and operated boutique Puhoi Organic Distillery; Victoria will entertain you with plenty of interesting and useful information, and answer your questions along the way.royal-new-zealand-yacht-squadron-home-of-america's-cup-and-puhoi-organic-distillery

A pleasant bonus (optional): by request Victoria can add to your tour on the way to the Distillery a short stop at one or two scenic places on Hibiscus Coast or a short guided tour to her club, the home of America’s Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

RE transportation, choose from two options:

1)You can request the complimentary transportation in our company car (branded Lexus RX 400 Hybrid), powered by your guide (and a volunteer sober driver) for the whole tour. This option is available for small groups up to four persons only.


2) For groups of five to nine persons, a larger vehicle is required, which you can rent yourself, or ask us to assist.

Price policy: $300 per head + $500 for the Guide (and your volunteer driver by request) Auckland-wide. 100% non-refundable deposit required at least two days in advance.