We welcome everyone who cares about their health!

Our company’s statement is:
We apply the curative power of Mother Nature to bring happiness and well-being to people and leave only green footprints on the Planet.

We are proud that we are the very first and only solar-powered Distillery in New Zealand. Moreover, we are leaders and trailblazers in Sustainability, proved by the Excellence in Sustainability Award 2023 – we are the very first winners of this award in New Zealand.


We are offering you a unique opportunity of “restarting” your experience in relation to the alcohol-based products: spirits, tonics, chocolate and perfumes. We are specializing on handcrafting of Specialist Made, Bespoke Spirits produced in very Limited Editions. The quality of the alcohol we make is unsurpassed. You can rest assured that not only we make, but we also drink ourselves exactly and only what we “preach”. You have a chance to discover and enjoy what we have invented and created: the new generation of spirits.
In other words we are offering you the most useful and exciting educational programme: meeting with our 21st century spirits – ‘Spirits of the Future’.

This programme contains five levels:

Level 1. Experience and prove for yourself that the ‘alternative’ alcohol (‘Spirits of the Future’) does exist. We keep a stock of our Advanced Classic Spirits (unless sold out): Vodka, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Schnapps, Grappa, Ouzo, Limoncello, Absinthe, Whiskey, Bitters, and others, which you can buy in our Cellar. The best way to obtain unforgettable experience is to book your visit to our Cellar Door Bar & Terrace for an exciting infotainment session. Moreover, you can integrate such educational and fun infotainment session into your special private event, e.g. birthday party, corporate function and even wedding.

Level 2. Join our Club of the Connoisseurs and get the priority access to the full range of our Exotic Spirits handcrafted in Limited Editions by our unique recipes: Horilka (Manuka Honey&Chilli Ukrainian style vodka), Starka (oak-matured vodka), Wasabi Vodka, Wormwood Vodka, Spiced Dark Rum, Macadamia Rum, Vanilla Rum, Navy Rum, Schnapps, Brandy, Absinthe, Ouzo, Vermouth, Limoncello, colour-changing Blueblood Gin, Raspberry Gin, Manuka Honey Whisky, Doublewood Whisky etc.

Level 3. Make your private label dream come true: get us to design and create a custom made, bespoke artisan Spirit for you – a 21st century Advanced Spirit according to your flavour preferences. Please contact us to find out more. 

Level 4. Learn about the science of Enotherapy – the rare art of creation of curative alcohol-based Herbal Tonics. In our Apothecary you will find Natural Adaptogenic compositions formulated by Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD): Medica Bohemica range of Organic Dietary Supplements such as Herbal Tonics, Herbal Bitters, etc. In addition to Personalized Functional food & beverages, we also offer a rare opportunity to create Natural Private-label Functional perfumes adapted to your body. This includes creation of personalized hypoallergenic perfume.

Level 5. Puhoi Organic Distillery & Caviar House owns and operates a unique, fully sustainable Cellar Door Bar & Terrace with magnificent panoramic views on Puhoi Historic Village and Puhoi Valley. Add your name the list of celebrities who have already visited and enjoyed our all-natural products and hospitality. Please contact us to find out more.