terms & Conditions

1.1. When purchasing products on the website you confirm and acknowledge that:

(a) you are legally entitled to purchase alcohol (if products you purchase include alcohol) and that you can produce sufficient evidence (e.g. NZ Driver’s Licence or Passport) of that entitlement on request prior to or upon delivery of the products;

(b) all information supplied by you to us is true and correct at the time you make any purchase on the website;

(c) notwithstanding the above, we may refuse to accept your order at our sole discretion.

All products are sold subject to their availability. Promotional items may be limited as to quantity. We shall not be responsible for our inability to supply products to you where they are not presently available or where our stock of the relevant product(s) has been exhausted. In the event that we are unable to supply products in the quantities specified in your purchase order you may elect to cancel or vary your order by agreement with us.

3.1. You must pay us in full and in cash or by credit card (as applicable) at the time that you submit your order.

3.2. If you pay by credit card you agree to indemnify us against any default by your credit card company to make payment to us in full.

4.1. Product prices quoted on our website are inclusive of GST. You must pay us the full price quoted.

4.2. We reserve the right to vary prices without notice.

We will use our best endeavours to dispatch orders no later than two business days after the day your order is received by us and you have received confirmation of your order from us via email or equivalent. We are not responsible for any failure to deliver or delay in delivery caused by any event outside of our reasonable control.

6.1. We represent and warrant to you that:

(a) We have the right to sell the products to you;

(b) The products are not be subject to any undisclosed security or charge;

(c) You have the right to undisturbed possession of the products.

6.2. We represent and warrant to you that the products:

(a) Are of acceptable quality having regard to their nature, the price, representations made by us and any statements made on packaging or labels;

(b) Are reasonably fit for the purpose that we represent;

(c) Supplied by description correspond with their description.


(a) After we have accepted your order for the products, you may not cancel the order without our consent;

(b) We will not consent to cancellation if we have processed documentation in fulfilment of your order;

(c) Returns for credit will be given at our discretion. The cost of return is your responsibility;

(d) In the event that we consent to cancellation, we may require you to pay a minimum handling charge of $4.00 exclusive of GST per case or part thereof or a maximum of 15% of the total value of your order.

8.1. We own, control or have the right to use and provide the website and all content on the website, including text, images, articles, photographs, illustrations, audio and video clips. You may electronically reproduce and store the content of the website solely for the purposes of viewing, using the services or saving website content, for your own personal use. You may not display or distribute the content of any part of the website or its content in public, including any reproduction in any form on the Internet, without our express permission.

8.2. Any infringement of our intellectual property rights will be fully enforced under New Zealand law.

We will send all invoices and notices required under this agreement to the email address submitted by you in your order form. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep up us informed of any changes to your contact details.

10.1. The website is provided for use by New Zealand residents. We make no representations that the website complies with the laws of any country outside of New Zealand. If you access the website from outside New Zealand, you do so at your own risk and you are responsible for complying with the laws in the place where you use the website when purchasing products online.

10.2. This agreement is governed by New Zealand law and any legal action against us must be taken in a Court in New Zealand.

11.1. Having accumulated certain sponsorship experience, both positive and negative, and taking into account restrictions posed not only by the New Zealand legislation, but also by our limited annual sponsorship budget, our team has developed the following criteria for accepting sponsorship requests:

11.1.1. We do not donate alcohol and caviar as a sponsorship item.

11.1.2.  We do not consider sponsoring charity events (regardless of their type), where our family business team’s representative/s are not invited to. This must include our participation in the prizegiving ceremony, being introduced in person to the winner/highest bidder and the possibility to take photo with the winner and publish this photo with our official congratulations to the winner on our social media and website.

11.1.3. We do not donate to the silent auctions, and also to the live auctions and raffles, where the prize winner remains anonymous.

11.1.4. Our standard donation format is valuable vouchers, personalised to the winner and non-transferrable to a third party.

11.1.5. The winner/highest bidder can redeem the voucher before the expiry date mentioned on the voucher by following the booking procedure through us.

11.1.6. The winner/highest bidder has the right to request an upgrade to their voucher (both for the format of the event and for the number of the guests attending), by prior negotiation with us and at their own cost.

11.1.7. The winner/highest bidder must be 18+ at the time of redeeming their voucher; the same applies to all their guests attending the private event provided by the voucher.

11.1.8. In any case, our policy does not permit us donating to the underage establishments (e.g. schools, kindergartens, etc.); religious and political organisations.

11.1.9. We reserve our right to amend and/or update our Sponsorship Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice to the public.

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