About Us

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s statement: We apply the curative power of Mother Nature to bring happiness and wellbeing to people and leave only green footprints on the Planet.

Ground Rule №1: “Alcohol marketing campaigns can deceive your brain, but not your liver.”

Our pledge: Your liver will be definitely impressed with the quality of our products.

Puhoi Organic Distillery is the only distillery in Auckland region recommended by the Lonely Planet Guide’s ‘Global Distilleries Tour’. It is also the only distillery that can be visited by the public in Auckland.


We are the first and the only Bespoke Organic Distillery in New Zealand!

For those who look after themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle our family business offers Functional Adaptogenic Beverages – exactly the same Functional Adaptogenic Beverages (Herbal Tonics & Spirits) that we handcraft for ourselves. Their unique recipes are based on mighty forces of Mother Nature. These Adaptogenic formulations are created by Doctor Iryna Kirichuk (MD) – one of the very few practicing experts in the world in the Art & Science of practical application of Natural Adaptogens.

Our effective Adaptogenic formulations are designed to help you withstand various stress factors.

Ingredients used

• Organically grown herbs, including Adaptogenic Herbs – are the foundation for our Functional Adaptogenic Beverages (Herbal Tonics & Spirits).
• Top quality Organic Alcohol – the best extractor and carrier of Natural Adaptogens. We distil it using unique high-tech equipment and gravity flow.
• Pristine Artesian Water – from our own 221 meter deep bore located next to the Distillery; this is the only water used for all our products.

All our products are boutique – handcrafted in small batches in the newly-built workshop located on our New Zealand property in an environmentally clean, picturesque Puhoi Valley surrounded by National Parks and Reserves.

Puhoi Rainbow

Our Team

Doctor Iryna Kirichuk

Doctor Iryna Kirichuk (MD)

Doctor Iryna Kirichuk (MD) qualified in 1984, after seven years of full-time study specialising in Pediatrics, Cardiology and Rheumatology. She graduated as a Medical Doctor with Honours from Odessa National Medical University (Ukraine). On top of this, as an accredited Doctor of Sports Medicine, Iryna spent 10 years monitoring and supporting the health of the USSR Olympic sailing team. Iryna, in the course of this highly specialized work, developed many natural remedies for overall good health and for the high performance of the top country sailors under her care.

In New Zealand she is now using her many years of medical training to good effect in formulating a wide range of Functional Adaptogenic Beverages (Herbal Tonics & Spirits) through the use of her own method of practical application of Natural Adaptogens.

Doctor Iryna is the Formulator of all our recipes; she also is our primary Quality Controller.



Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk, Nuclear Power Engineer by education

Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk has a Degree in Nuclear Power Engineering awarded in 1975 by the Odessa State Polytechnic University. The 1986 Chernobyl Disaster caused Alex to become an avid supporter of environmental sustainability.

Since then Alex has been involved in numerous eco-friendly projects. In New Zealand he has long years of experience in creation of unique equipment and technology for Food & Beverage production.

Alex is our Distiller, Brewmaster, Equipment Engineer and Company Director.

Our Team has achieved our main goal – we are healthy people, independent from the official Medicine and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our achievements are proved by the numerous awards and accolades both in New Zealand and internationally.

Starting from June 2018, all our products are manufactured using solar power only. Puhoi Organic Distillery is the first and only solar-powered Distillery in New Zealand!

By law, we are obliged to separate our products into several different categories:

The Functional Adaptogenic Beverages are Herbal Tonics are Dietary Supplements. They can be purchased from our Apothecary.

Our range of Spirits and Curative Wines infused with the original Adaptogenic Formulations by Dr Kirichuk. They can be purchased from our Cellar.

The Dietary Supplement Chocolates by Dr Kirichuk (MD) can be purchased from the Healthy Chocolate page.

All-natural Perfumes and hypoallergenic fragrances are available from our Bespoke Perfumes page.

We supply high quality food-grade ingredients to artisan cake-crafters, natural perfumers and home tincture makers

We create bespoke dream gifts, for example, personalised miniature oak barrels.

The best way to learn about and experience the full range of our products is book a tasting at the Distillery – a unique lifetime adventure!