It is true that our water is the best in Auckland, but we are not in the business of selling water. However, if you get our invitation to the Distillery – don’t forget to bring a water canister with you, it is always complimentary for our visitors, during the booked events.

To be precise, Puhoi Organic Distillery & Caviar House, apart from Tesla Destination Charger, has another Destination Charger suitable for all EV types apart from Tesla. However, both of them are available exclusively for the convenience of the Distillery’s visitors who can use them during their booked visits with us. The EV charging service is complimentary.

Puhoi Organic Distillery is a working Distillery, with its specific machinery and hazards involved, and the respective Health & Safety rules to be strictly obeyed. We welcome local and foreign visitors, however, such visits should be safe. Therefore, during public visits, we must stop our production processes. In other words, we plan our operations and can’t afford having unplanned visits. In having said that, it is easy and convenient to use our website’s ‘Book Your Visit’ button.

Yes, we most certainly do. For instance, our artisan spirits are delivered in stylish branded NZ-made wooden gift boxes (sustainably custom-made for us in Auckland from NZ pine). We have received a lot of compliments from our customers not only about the high quality of our products, but also about our elegant packaging.

Unfortunately, no. Puhoi Organic Distillery & Caviar House operates by the permit issued by the Auckland City Council under the category of the Family business. The respective regulations dictate that in this business only the Kirichuk family members, residing at 9 Saleyards Road, Puhoi, can be involved in this business.

We understand your wish to take the children with you, however, due to the safety considerations we strictly do not recommend taking children with you to the Distillery. First of all, all our events are designed for people over 18 years of age. Secondly, all our adult visitors must receive our Health & Safety instructions prior to event commencement and sign the respective the Health & Safety Register. This condition is impracticable to apply to underage people.

Although smoking is strictly prohibited on the most Distillery’s territory due to flammability risks, we do have a safe & comfy designated Smokers’ Corner with a bench and a panoramic view on Puhoi Valley.

During our events and receiving our invited visitors, we utilize our Cellar Door Venue located within the boundaries of the Customs Controlled Area – it is the same area which is licensed by Auckland Council for handling and processing Food Grade products. Therefore, your pets will have to remain and wait for you in your vehicle.

Yes, we are one of the very few Distilleries who have been producing Private Label products. However, not every Private Label project complies with our standards. Moreover, our production plan schedule might be too busy to take the new Private Label project on board. If you are interested in c a Private Label production with us, send us your written enquiry via our Contact Page.

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