Caviar House Weddings @ Distillery’s Cellar Door

Our boutique family business team offers you is a totally unique opportunity in New Zealand: The first and only New Zealand Caviar House provides the best value-for-money package, which includes your bespoke event planning and running, ceremony conducting and marriage solemnisation, all-inclusive Cellar Door Crystal Bar & gourmet catering, plus we can look after your wedding photography and videography. In other words, the couple only have to take care of their wedding outfits, rings and bouquets. All the rest will be proudly looked after by our team and is included in the package cost.

New Zealand Caviar House has exclusive rights to use the unique Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Cellar Door Venue and its amazing versatile facilities for conducting weddings.

Our research shows that this is by far the best offer for boutique weddings in Auckland, and the best value for your money. Our team holds vast experience in planning and conducting 5-star events and high key functions, creating lifelong memories.

In addition to the premium package we offer, you can upgrade your wedding to an ultra-luxury level, using our exclusive Sturgeon Caviar range. This is how New Zealand Caviar House can elevate your wedding to the level of Royal family & Top celebrities’ festivities. Read more about the New Zealand Caviar House & our expertise here.

Fully licenced Venue & All-Inclusive Bar

That means that you and your guests don’t have to worry about “bar tabs” or queueing for payments at the counter on your festive day, etc. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about “hiring” any glassware or crystalware: your drinks will be served in Limited Edition top-quality vintage crystalware and glassware, which one can only see in period dramas these days

The Distillery’s Cellar Door Crystal Bar operates in all-inclusive format on your wedding day, offering a wide range of fine alcoholic beverages handcrafted at award-winning Puhoi Organic Distillery: Solar-distilled spirits (Gin, Vodka, Rum, Brandy, Whiskey, etc.), artisan liqueurs (Limoncello, Nocino, Cherry Brandy) and All-Natural cocktails (G&T, Martini, Negroni, Screwdrivers, plus unique Puhoi Organic Distillery’s favourites). A special international luxury selection of the hand-picked wines, beers and ciders available by special arrangement. This package also includes fine sparkling wine for your first traditional toast.
As non-alcoholic options we offer fine selection of refreshing non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages, including lemonades, tonic waters, fruit juices, mocktails, barista made coffees, loose leaf teas and most importantly, unlimited amount of the best water in Auckland, sourced directly on site from our own, 221-meter deep artesian bore (perfect for drinking 8.4ph and about 8,000 years carbon dated).
By the way, all ice for your drinks is made by our powerful ice-maker from this pure artesian water.

Although we are located in a rural area, getting here is a pleasant drive via good roads and Distillery’s concrete driveway, and does not limit your transportation options to a 4WD: you can choose to hire a limousine on the day, etc.

The unique Cellar Door Crystal Bar & Panoramic Terrace is strategically nestled in the heart of the Historic Bohemian Puhoi Village, quaint and picturesque (and popular as a backdrop among the period drama producers), with the great views on the Puhoi Valley.

Getting here is an easy 30-km drive from Auckland CBD via SH1 to the Puhoi exit (or only 12-km drive from Warkworth, if you are coming from North). From the Puhoi turn-off, it is only 1-km via a hard-surface Main road into the Puhoi Village Historic Centre, to the signposted entrance of our private Distillery Road at the address of 9 Saleyards Road, Puhoi (just behind the famous Puhoi Pub) please click here to see this destination on the map.

Our free secure on-site parking (for up to 20 cars) means that your guests don’t have to worry about looking for some off-street car park, then brave the distance on high heels and worry about the valuables left in a car parked in a distance and out of their sight.

The Cellar Door Venue is outdoors oriented, yet well sheltered from the view from neighbours and off the street (you can see Puhoi, but Puhoi can’t see you). 

It is located on the privately owned 2-acre family property with a gated access, and plenty of car par on site. 

We have solar-powered destination chargers for Tesla and all other EVs free to use for customers during their private events.

We proudly specialize in boutique and micro-weddings, with our whole venue being at your disposal during your private event, even if the total number of your guests is only fourteen or under.

The Cellar Door Crystal Bar & Panoramic Terrace is designed for you and your guests to enjoy the picturesque Distillery’s grounds and the panoramic views on Puhoi, yet it is also fully prepared to comfortably shelter you from rain, wind, cold, or too much sun.

Depending on the season and weather forecast, we can offer you two seated options for your wedding party:

  • As a good-weather and extra-panoramic option, the Cellar Door Panoramic Terrace, furnished with quality teak outdoor furniture and extra-wide sun-proof umbrellas can sit up to 40 guests.
  • During the rainy/cold season, you will be perfectly comfy & cosy in our solar-heated Crystal Bar Pavilion, with windproof rolling screens for rainy & windy days (can sit up for up to 14 guests).


The world-recognised tourist destination and a top boutique distillery is the best venue for celebrating your wedding!

The Cellar Door Crystal Bar & Panoramic Terrace Venue is an integral part of the Puhoi Organic Distillery featured as the world’s best boutique distillery by Lonely Planet. Click here to read the original Lonely Planet’s article.

A brief entertaining and informative guided tour around the Distillery and its Cellar Door facilities for you and your guests conducted by the celebrated Distillers’ team is available on demand, on the day of your wedding.

We are proudly trailblazing in zero-emission Distillery-operating and choosing our Venue for your wedding means supporting an eco-friendly, sustainable New Zealand business.

The spacious and comfortable Cellar Door Crystal Bar & Panoramic Terrace is an integral part of the New Zealand’s only Solar-Powered Distillery – the winner of Excellence in Sustainability Award 2023.


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