Genuine Sturgeon Caviar is a natural “nutritional bomb”, according to Dr Kirichuk (MD).


Nowadays Sturgeon Caviar is the world’s most expensive delicacy, but this is not how it always used to be. There were times when it was in abundance and affordable, however, that is certainly bygone era unlikely to repeat again. Nevertheless, as far as Sturgeon Caviar concerned, it always was, is and will be the most nutritional and human health-beneficial product, both for healthy and unwell people. Speaking in modern terms, Sturgeon Caviar is classified as super-powerful gourmet Functional Food. Having said this, one should remember this terminology concerns only genuine Sturgeon Caviar. This implies Sturgeon fish species that matured in clean environmental, free of hormonal treatment, the roe of which was harvested by traditional methods. The traditional roe harvesting methods, in their turn, mean that the roe was not over-salted (Malossol), not pasteurized and not treated with cancerogenic preservatives. Such genuine and premium 100% natural Malossol Sturgeon Caviar is sparse. This makes this gourmet Functional Food even more valuable as the demand for the Functional Foods constantly grows.

The most valuable nutritional feature of Sturgeon Caviar is its adaptogenic properties for human health and longevity. Unlike many other ancient fish species, the Sturgeon fish species survived through 250 millions of years mostly thanks to the special properties of their roe. After the spawning, the fertilized Sturgeon fish eggs is able not only survive in the water for the whole ten days, but also growing and developing very fast, while being nurtured by the nutritional cocktail of lipides, enzymes, proteins, micronutrients, etc. contained inside their nucleus. Moreover, the Sturgeon fish eggs are very different and much more complicated that any other fish roe. For example, they have a unique ‘breathing’ mechanism.

So, why is the Sturgeon Caviar so highly nutritional for humans? First of all, it is a bioidenticalnutritional bomb” finely balanced by the Mother Nature, containing all the vitally important micronutrients, and which does not require thermo-treatment. Secondly, it is 100% digestible by our body systems, meaning that it does not make our body spend energy for its digestion. This is a truly magical nutritional substance containing pretty much all the needed building materials for our cell regeneration. In these respects it is totally out of competition with any other foodstuffs, including the endless list of dietary supplements. And the last, but not the least, all these super powerful benefits are contained even in a very small daily dosage of Sturgeon Caviar (30 to 50 grams)!

These unique features make Sturgeon Caviar is indispensable in medical nutrition for treatment of Protein–energy malnutrition (PEM) (sometimes called protein-energy undernutrition), as well as targeted nutrition of pregnant and breast-feeding women, children (starting from three years), as well astronauts and other professionals dealing with extra-high demands on their physical and mental energy.

On top of this, the consumption of Sturgeon Caviar is known to trigger the brain to release the “happiness hormones”, such as serotonin.

In addition, Sturgeon Caviar is prized by many as a powerful aphrodisiac and reproduction function-booster, beneficial both for men and women.

Sturgeon Caviar should bear the title of ‘Elixir of Health & Longevity’, as it is applied for prevention of many ailments and immunity strengthening. The most visible beneficial effect from regular consumption of reasonable amount of Sturgeon Caviar appears in significant improvement of skin, hair and nails’ appearance.

It has been scientifically proven that regular consumption of Sturgeon Caviar has a significant beneficial effect on brain functionality and mental health, improves memory, stimulates blood- and lymph-circulation, prevents clots’ formation, as well a multitude of other beneficial health effects. These positive health effects are attributed to the high content of bioidentical polysaturated fatty acids, iodine, calcium and phosphorus. Sturgeon Caviar is the ‘champion’ of high Phospholipids’ content (almost 2% of Lecithin and Cephalin), vitally important nutrition for nerve tissues.

Unfortunately, in New Zealand doctors do not recommend their patients natural Sturgeon Caviar as part of efficient nutritional diet, which is hardly a surprise, since genuine Sturgeon Caviar could not be obtained on the NZ market until now. Our marketing research shows that all the products marketed in New Zealand as ‘Sturgeon Caviar’, are third rate products at best, and cannot be referred to as genuine Sturgeon Caviar and thus Functional Food.

The good news is that genuine Sturgeon Caviar is now available from Puhoi Organic Distillery’s stock. Thus, de facto, Puhoi Organic Distillery has become the NZ first Caviar House. This means that doctors in New Zealand can include Sturgeon Caviar in the list of their health-improving diet recommendations, as this happens in several other countries, where Sturgeon Caviar has been traditionally available, for example, Ukraine and Russia. Although it might take some time to become a common practice, you don’t have to wait that long to join the club of those lucky few in New Zealand that can benefit from super-nutritional natural diet.

The first thing to do is follow the advice of Dr Iryna Kirichuk’s (MD), expert of adaptogenic Functional Foods & Beverages, and ask yourself these questions: Do I need to boost my immunity? Does my stamina need improvement? Does my blood pressure need to be looked at? Does my cardiovascular health need support? Would I like to improve my skin and hair appearance? Would I like nutritional help for stress-fighting? Do I want to look younger and be more energetic? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then genuine Sturgeon Caviar would be a highly valuable nutritional Functional Food specifically for you.


Dr Kirichuk (MD) first and foremost recommends regular consumption of genuine Sturgeon Caviar as highly nutritious Functional Food for the following categories of people:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Children starting from 3 years of age in order to support the high demands on nutrition of their fast-growing bodies (starting with very small dosages of several Sturgeon Caviar eggs)
  • Professional sportsmen and sportswomen during the periods of high intensity trainings
  • Professionals of the high mental intensity industries for brain stimulation
  • Any person currently under stress (physical, emotional, psychological, etc) and for post-stress rehabilitation
  • Sexual health improvement (both male and female)


Dr Kirichuk (MD) recommends also recommends regular consumption of genuine Sturgeon Caviar as highly nutritious Functional Food for the following categories of patients:

  1. Patients with serious chronic illnesses
  2. Patients during their rehabilitatory period, including post medical treatment and post-surgery

Sturgeon Caviar has been successfully applied as part of patients’ medicinal diet by doctors in the countries where Sturgeon Caviar is traditionally available, including particularly serious medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and anemia.


For cancer patients: Sturgeon Caviar is being included in the menu of medicinal diet for cancer patients. Iron contained in it helps to increase hemoglobin level and to normalize the post-chemotherapy balance of red blood cells. Fighting cancer puts an increased demand by the body systems for instant availability of easily digestible and absorbable bioidentical proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Although these valuable nutrients can also be found in such foodstuffs as meat and dairy, their digestion requires a lot of time and energy spent by the already weakened by sickness body, whereas Sturgeon Caviar even in small portions solves the problem of fast and effective replenishing of nutrients.

For diabetes patients: Sturgeon Caviar is being included in the menu of medicinal diet for diabetes patients, as such diet targets to control the patients’ body weight and regulate blood sugar level. For these purposes Sturgeon Caviar is irreplaceable, considering its high content of digestible and absorbable bioidentical proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and irreplaceable polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Amino acids it contains are beneficial in stabilizing blood pressure and help to eliminate bad cholesterol, which is extremely important in type 2 diabetes. Consumption of Sturgeon Caviar is also highly beneficial for people with diabetes as it helps to improve metabolism, including protein metabolism at the cellular level.

For anemia patients: Sturgeon Caviar is being included in the menu of medicinal diet for anemia patients as a highly efficient bioidentical Functional Food. Anemia is an inevitable companion of most diseases and post-surgical conditions, as well as chemo- and radiation therapy. In anemia, a decrease in hemoglobin levels in the blood negatively affects the supply of oxygen to the cells and causes disruption of vital organs.  This triggers the vicious circle: the patient’s body requires an intensified and nutrient-rich diet, while the strength to digest large amounts of ordinary foods is lacking. The effective solution to this problem is consumption of small doses of genuine Sturgeon Caviar, which contains all the necessary nutrients in a natural and highly concentrated form.  Sturgeon Caviar as part of medicinal diet promotes normalization of the hematopoietic system, elimination of pathologies, symptoms of anemia and promotes accelerated rehabilitation.


IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: Genuine 100% natural malossol Sturgeon Caviar is a fragile and temperature-sensitive product. It was imported to New Zealand from the Ukrainian Aquafarm directly via airfreight in a special chiller box. Puhoi Organic Distillery keeps the limited stock of this precious Functional Food in a custom-made in Netherlands Caviar chiller. The constant temperature of this chiller is at -2°C to -4°C. The Distillery’s solar system provides 24/7 backup of this Caviar chiller. Even under strict adherence to such precautions the shelf life is limited to nine months only.

For those interested in making this amazing Functional Food as part of their diet it is recommended to purchase weekly stock of Sturgeon Caviar at a time, which can be kept in an ordinary home fridge for seven days after being taken from our Caviar Chiller during which it must be consumed. We recommend advance orders to ensure sufficient leading time from our side to organize enough stock for our customers.

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