Manuka honey combs Beeswax Absolute – natural perfume fixative


The creators of natural perfumes always face the problem of finding a high quality natural fixative. Answering this high demand Puhoi Organic Distillery offers a new amazing All Natural products – Beeswax Absolute extracted from Manuka honey combs.

This product is extracted using traditional methods using top-quality Naturally Organic ingredients only:

  • Raw materials – untreated Manuka honey combs obtained from local beekeepers
  • Solvent – 95% ABV ethanol (alcohol) hand-distilled by Puhoi Organic Distillery from New Zealand wines (Lat. Vinitus Vini).

The product description:

First of all, Beeswax Absolute is renowned for its excellent natural fixative value and is highly recommended for  natural perfumery creations.

Our Beeswax Absolute extracted from Manuka honey combs has a beautiful dark amber colour, and is quite heavy-bodied (has dense syrupy consistency). It retains specific warm aromas unique to beehives filled with Manuka flowers nectar – the mixture of Manuka honey, propolis, pollen and wax combs.

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