Medicinal qualities of real Absinthe


Since we have been receiving so many questions about the medicinal qualities of Absinthe, we asked our expert, Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD), to answer these questions.
Below is the brief version of her explanations (the full information will be made available during the Absinthe tasting sessions at the Puhoi Organic Distillery).
Absinthe is a member of the Herbal Bitters’ family, which are widely used in Enotherapy. Those who are interested to find out more about Enotherapy, are welcome to visit Dr Iryna’s website
Our Bohemian Absinthe is a sophisticated combination of botanicals which is great for the digestive health in general. The main positive effect can be expected by those suffering from digestive disorders. Other health benefits include, but are not limited to: assisting those who suffer from gall bladder disease, liver ailments and worm infections. Our Absinthe can also increase sexual desire and stimulate imagination (hence why the original Absinthe in the past was so popular among artists of all sorts).
Warning: Absinthe should be treated with respect, and taken in modest doses. Real Absinthe is very potent, and overdosage can be harmful. It is contra-indicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In any case, Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD) strongly encourages alcohol consumers to practice responsible drinking. In her opinion, the daily dosage of alcohol should be limited to one milliliter per one kg of body mass. For example, if you weigh 70 kg, your daily alcohol consumption should not exceed 70 ml of alcohol. Low quality alcohol should be avoided altogether.

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