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All the Puhoi Organic Distillery main news will be presented in my blog, including the upcoming events and the new products. Here you will be able to read about my views regarding the relevant topics of the spirits’ industry, etc.

The Puhoi Organic Distillery has successfully launched the Tasting Tours & Sessions in November 2015.

The tasting tours/sessions include free tastings of the following products in December 2015:

Currently in stock:
1. Classic Grain Vodka
2. Bohemian Dry Gin
3. Honey&Chilli Horilka (Ukrainian style vodka)
4.  Raspberry Ratafia (old-fashioned French style vodka)

Please note that you can order the above four products during your visit with a special discount.

Coming to stock in early 2016:
5. Cuminovka (Czech style caraway seed vodka)
6. Brandy ‘Pilotage’
7. White whisky

Please note that you can order the above three coming soon to stock products during the visit (with a special discount) and be one of the first customers on the waiting list.

Exclusively for tastings:

8. Grappa ‘Cotignac’ (red grapes and quince distillate)

9. Slivovitza/Pálinka – plum brandy/schnapps

10. Green tea vodka

11. Oolong tea vodka

12. Kukicha tea vodka

13. Medicinal Plum wine

14. Wormwood vodka ‘Absintino’