Navy Gold Barrel Rum 54% ABV 375ml


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Puhoi Organic Distillery proudly presents the handcrafted all-natural Navy Gold Barrel Rum: its warm amber colour, divine vanilla-rich aroma and inimitable smooth taste are unique in the world of a very few sipping rums. Navy Gold Barrel Rum is solar distilled, aged in miniature oak barrels and bottled at barrel strength of 54% ABV: a sophisticated remake of traditional navy rum.

Navy Gold Barrel Rum celebrates the navy’s ancient  ‘tot of rum’ tradition, born in the era of ‘Wooden Ships and Iron Men’. As the wise navy custom suggests, before drinking its gunpowder strength should be softened by diluting with a generous amount of citrus or pineapple juice. This rum is also a perfect ingredient for sophisticated cocktails. Navy strength rum for centuries has been  an irreplaceable cornerstone ingredient  in gourmet baking and confectionery.

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