Organic Herbal Tonic Bohemian Gold (Dietary Supplement) 375ml

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Organic Herbal Tonic (Dietary Supplement) containing Adaptogenic Formula. For the support of General Health and boosting of the Immune System. 375 ml


The Herbal Tonic Bohemian Gold is a unique formulation by Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD) which is composed in the best traditions of the European preventive medicine. The improvement/innovation part of the recipe is in the usage of the Natural Adaptogens acting as organic catalysts for maintaining the stable balance of the human body system. Its mechanism acts through triggering the increased digestive fire, clearing toxins from the body and improvement of circulation – three key factors for promoting general health.

Incorporating The Herbal Tonic Bohemian Gold into your daily diet will help maintain health and protect you against chronic degenerative illnesses.

The Herbal Tonic Bohemian Gold:

Helps to restore, tone and invigorate body systems
Raises the metabolic efficiency level
Provides stress relief
Helps to relieve stress and indigestion related headaches
Acts as an Antioxidant and Anti-ageing agent
Boosts Immunity
Increases body resistance to environmental pollution
Promotes general health and well-being

The formulation is 100% natural. Vegan friendly. Does not contain any added colours, artificial flavours or synthetic substances. Rich with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
Does not have side effects and does not lead to addiction.

The Active Natural Ingredients (Organic extracts): Black cumin, Linden, Echinacea, Walnuts , Macadamia , Ginger, Fennel, Milk Thistle, Clove, Nettle, Sage, Cardamon, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Caraway seeds, Coriander, Citruses, Oregano, Wormwood, Tarragon, Vanilla, Saffron, Manuka flowers.
Other Ingredients: Puhoi Artesian water, Puhoi Food grade ethanol, Certified Organic Muscovado cane sugar, Puhoi Manuka honey
Hand-crafted by the Specialist in small batches. Proudly made in Puhoi, New Zealand using organically grown ingredients only.

Suggested Usage:
For adults only. Recommended daily dosage – one table spoon (15 ml) after the evening meal. Serving suggestion: pour the dose into a glass with a few cubes of ice, let the ice melt a little and stir well. Sip slowly.

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