Organic Herbal Tonic Relax&Sleep Plus

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Organic Herbal Tonic Relax&Sleep Plus (Dietary Supplement) 100ml


The Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep PLUS is a stronger and sugar-free version of the original Dr Kirichuk’s Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep.

The Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep PLUS is a unique formulation by Dr Iryna Kirichuk which is composed in the best traditions of the European preventive medicine. The improvement/innovation part of the recipe is in the usage of the Natural Adaptogens acting as organic catalysts for maintaining the stable balance of the human body system.

Its mechanism acts through the promotion of balance and harmony of the central and peripheral nervous system, thus improving the quality of sleep and the overall well-being.

The Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep PLUS will help you to:


  • by relieving anxiety, nervous tension and depression
  • by providing muscle relaxation


  • by dissolving the accumulated stress
  • by overcoming insomnia without drugs


  • by improving the sleep structure
  • by improving the quality of restful sleep

After undergoing at least three-weekly course or regular Relax & Sleep PLUS taking as per recommended dosage, you can expect restoring a stable healthy sleep pattern. You can repeat this course as often as needed – the Herbal Tonic Relax & Sleep PLUS does not have side effects and does not lead to addiction.

The formulation is 100% natural. Vegan friendly. Sugar free. Does not contain any added colours, artificial flavours or synthetic substances. Rich with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

The Active Natural Ingredients (Organic extracts): Valerian, California Poppy, Motherwort,  Hawthorn, Wood Betony, Hop, Black Cumin, Linden, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass,  Angelica, Calendula, Coriander, Peony, Passionflower, Catnip, Scullcup, Oat,  Plantain, Aloe, Oregano, Saffron.

Other Ingredients:  Puhoi Artesian water, Puhoi Food grade ethanol.

Natural sediment may occur. Shake before use.

Hand-crafted by the Specialist in small batches. Proudly made in Puhoi, New Zealand using organically grown ingredients only.

Suggested Usage: For adults only. Recommended daily dosage – one tea spoon (5 ml) half an hour before sleep. The daily dosage can be doubled if required. Take 30 minutes before going to bed. For the best effect take nightly for at least two weeks. Serving suggestion: mix with a few spoons of water.  Sip slowly.

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