Puhoi Botanical Absinthe 65% ABV 375 ml

$88.00 inc. GST


Puhoi Organic Distillery proudly presents the handcrafted all-natural Botanical Absinthe: small-batch boutique spirit produced using secret botanical formula, based on fresh Artemisia absinthium organically grown in the Distillery’s own herbal garden. Its transcendent green colour, divine aroma and inimitable taste are unique in the world of absinthes.

The Botanical Absinthe contains a sophisticated all-natural herbal formula, pure artesian water and solar distilled bio-identical alcohol. Designed  as  an irreplaceable Bitter for a wide variety of bespoke cocktails. Inspired by the Original  18th-century Medicinal Absinthe, based on  powerful culinary and medicinal  herbs. Recommended to mix with freshly squeezed juices, such as apple, grapefruit and orange. Store in a dark place at room temperature.



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