Puhoi Starka’s recognition in Hong Kong


Life is full of surprises! Of course, we never doubted that Puhoi Starka will become a “star” among the craft spirits. It is not surprising that Hong Kong is one of the very first places to discover Puhoi Starka. The pleasant surprise for the Puhoi Organic Distillery team is in how poetically, and yet precisely, the Hong Kong craft spirits’ expert (unfortunately, we don’t know his name yet) describes this unique bespoke spirit:

“There’s little doubt that we’re living in the age of the craft spirit, which is a good thing for lads that like a good drink, but it also means you shall we judged on what you present on your home bar, whether it’s a sleek copper lined number crested with ornate decanters, or just a dusty corner where bottles tend to congregate. The reality is good craft spirits not only make cocktails more interesting, but they also make great ice breakers and conversation starters, which can always be nice if the night’s waning.

Karven Starka Vodka is no ordinary vodka. Crafted in New Zealand with natural artesian water (the family-owned distillery also does an award-winning gin and a very unique vermouth) this savvy drop is inspired by Eastern Europe’s 500-year-old tradition of creating starka spirit, a dry vodka made from distilled rye that’s often buried in the ground the day a baby boy is born and unearthed when he marries. Karven’s starka vodka is rested in American oak barrels for 6-8 weeks and infused with local manuka honey and insightful local botanicals, including native kawakawa. The result is an alluring and intriguing spirit with the deep golden hue of a sunburst Stratocaster, with toasted vanilla and honey notes on the palate, followed by a touch of spice that’s guaranteed to get tongues waggling.

Dare to drink different.”

Source: NECESCITY Hong Kong magazine for men http://www.necescity.com/services/item/2995-karven-starka-vodka.html

To this very comprehensive description of Puhoi Starka, I, as the Master Distiller, should add that this rare exotic spirit was created for the connoisseurs and lovers of whiskey, brandy and vodka; and to be even more precise, for those who wanted to find a single sipping spirit which would combine only the advantages of these three most popular spirits.

To purchase the amazing Puhoi Starka, please proceed to our online store: http://spirits.net.nz/product-category/cellar 

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