Meet SALUBRITY SCENTS – bespoke New Zealand Natural Perfumes


Even though the world seems to be flooded with all sorts of fragrances, the task of finding a 100% natural perfume turns out to be a “mission impossible”.

Such natural perfumes used to exist before the ”chemical revolution” era which brought about a multitude of cheaper synthetic substitutes.

The creation of natural fragrances, as we proved by our own experience, is a highly time-consuming and labour-intensive affair. And, certainly, one needs to get an access to the reliable sources of the top-quality natural ingredients. This includes essential oils, absolutes, tinctures – all to be dissolved in specially distilled, undenaturated alcohol (Lat. Spiritus Vini). Such alcohol can only be distilled from qood quality grape wine. The most precious and aromatic fraction obtained from the wine distillation, known as Esprit de Cognac, is a true gem for any perfume-maker. A sophisticated fragrant composition from the already mentioned above will not live long unless a special natural fixative is added. The best natural fixative known to the perfumers is Ambergris – a product of sperm-whales’ metabolism.

Good results in creation of natural fragrances can only be achieved by a perfume-maker who can afford the luxury of experimenting with such super-expensive and exotic ingredients.

Work with such ingredients is undoubtedly very exciting, however, it can be detrimental and risky both for the perfume-maker’s and their customers’ health. Therefore, the olfactory knowledge alone is not sufficient to achieve well-being – orientated results. Profound medicinal and herbalist knowledge is required to avoid health-related risks.

On top of all this, the already difficult task of natural-fragrance creation is complicated even further: the results achieved upon the combination of all the ingredients can only be judged after several months of waiting. Natural perfumes’ aging is a sophisticated process. The aging process helps bind the alcohol and oils together.

Perfume is an intimate thing, and made without involvement of the person it is intended for, it is not guaranteed that such fragrance will be liked and enjoyed. Therefore, such expensive natural fragrances need to be adapted to the tastes and needs of the specific individual, and thus these fragrances become bespoke.

After many fruitless attempts of finding such fragrances on the market for our own use, we came to the conclusion that we have everything required to handcraft our own bespoke natural perfumes. Indeed, we distill our own high-quality potable alcohol – a unique privilege we exercise as the owners and operators of Puhoi Organic Distillery. Herbal and botanical tinctures are available to us anytime and in a wide range – we have a whole laboratory at our disposal known Adaptogens New Zealand, based at the Distillery. We are lucky to have the involvement of Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD), the leading expert in the application of Adaptogenic botanicals. And after our ‘lucky stars’ have directed us to the source of the best Sri-Lankan essential oils and absolutes, the only remaining piece in the puzzle was finding the sources of Ambergris. Fortunately, New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the currents of which every now and then deliver Ambergris onto the New Zealand shores.

And this is how the Limited Edition Bespoke Natural Fragrances – SALUBRITY SCENTS were born.

SALUBRITY SCENTS are highly concentrated: following the good old traditions established by the legendary perfumers back in the 18th-19th centuries, these bespoke perfumes are graded as Esprit de Parfum, which indicates the highest level of aromatic compounds’ concentration. We offer you the same top fragrance quality we are handcrafting for ourselves – the best of the best that the money can buy.

Logically, top-quality bespoke natural perfumes are a true luxury – it would be ashame to package such treasure into mass production bottles.  After long search, we found a New Zealand artist-woodturner, who hand-carves Limited Edition bottles for SALUBRITY SCENTS perfumes from such precious exotic woods as Black Mori and Swamp Kauri – fossilized timber several thousands years of age. These wooden perfume bottles are expensive, however, they are refillable and can serve their owner for long years. The refillable glass atomizer installed inside is very convenient to replenish.

For those who want to “show of” their beloved bespoke fragrance and even adorn themselves with it, SALUBRITY SCENTS offer an elegant range of designer hand-blown miniature perfume bottles attached to a necklace cord.

As the Master Distiller, I already have too much on my plate, and if you are interested to inquire about and purchase from the SALUBRITY SCENTS’ Limited Edition Bespoke Natural Fragrance range, please contact our in-house perfumer Victoria Kirichuk directly via her email: or through the SALUBRITY SCENTS Facebook page.

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