Release of the Bespoke Artisan Unoaked Sipping Brandy Pilotage

Bespoke Brandy Pilotage - New Zealand sipping spirit

The classic definition of brandy is: a strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine. The most famous brandy is known as Cognac – brandy distilled in the French province of Cognac. This spirit is matured for a long time in oak barrels and heavily coloured with caramel (burned sugar).

Unoaked brandy ‘Pilotage’ handcrafted by Puhoi Organic Distillery is distilled from selected New Zealand wines. However, unlike traditional brandies, it never touched oak and contains no burned sugar. The idea of brandy ‘Pilotage’ is inspired by the history of aeronautics in the beginning of the 20th century. At that time the first primitive airplanes had open cabins and their engines were lubricated with castor oil. The pilots were exposed to inhaling the exhaust gases containing castor oil. Castor oil is known for its properties of a strong laxative, which created a serious problem as those aircrafts had no toilet facilities.

Nevertheless, a solution was found. Every pilot carried with them a flask of brandy infused with blackberry. This remedy allowed the pilots to complete their flights with clean pants.

The recipe of the bespoke brandy ‘Pilotage’ was created by us by the request of one very famous collector of antique airplanes. We were supposed to recreate the flavour of that very brandy used by then pilots minus the costive effect.

Our brandy ‘Pilotage’ is based on top quality alcohol distilled from white New Zealand grape wine. This unoaked spirit is infused with the Adaptogenic formula created by Dr Kirichuk using medicinal herbs with the leading part played by blackberry. The recipe is created in the way that it excludes the costive effect and is instead targeted to support general health and well-being.


The tasting notes:

The powerful accord of pleasant aromatic herbal composition against the background of pure wine spirit (Lat: Spiritus Vini). The warm deep amber colour is 100% natural (no caramel added). The soft and subtle tartness derives from the perfect balance of botanicals, and is amazingly mouthwatering.

Sipping spirit. Recommended as a sophisticated and highly enjoyable aperitif.

Serve at room temperature in Cognac glasses.

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