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Good news for all the top-shelf liquor connoisseurs from Puhoi Organic Distillery!

You can now find us in Queen Street, at the iconic Smith & Caughey’s Department Store, with the 130 years of history as one of the New Zealand’s best-loved department stores, specializing in luxury goods.

Nine boutique products from our range are on the eye-catching handcrafted nautical display at Smith & Caughey’s Fine Spirits department. I carefully selected the best from my Master Distiller’s Reserve, including several spirits exclusively produced by Puhoi Organic Distillery in small batches. Our Limited Edition spirits suit all palates: for example, our best-seller Manuka Honey Whisky, never-before-produced Sauvignon Blanc Vodka, sensational Oak Rested Grappa, fantastic Starka (Oak Matured Vodka) and Wormwood Botanical Vodka.

I specially recommend to try an unusual spirit with a Cossack character: my pride and joy – Manuka Honey & Chilli Horilka (Ukrainian Style Vodka) made by the family recipe.

And of course, the traditional alcohol set taken from our cellar is also presented at Smith & Caughey’s: Classic Grain Vodka, Dry Gin and Spiced Rum, all three unbelievably smooth sipping spirits, which are also the premium base for both exotic and classic cocktail, such as the Unforgettables.

If you are looking for a perfect gift, authentic and handcrafted in New Zealand, any bottle of our artisan, solar-distilled spirit would make a unique and sensational present.

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