Bespoke Craft Cinnamon Gin for Fine Wine Delivery Co


We are happy to announce the successful launch of an Artisan bespoke Gin already almost sold out by our new customer, a reputable expert in fine wines and spirits, Fine Wine Delivery Co. The very first batch is only 133 bottles, and therefore its temporary working title is GIN 133. Their staff fell immediately in love with this rare and exotic gin, and they were the ones who drunk the largest share of the first batch. GIN 133 has not been named officially yet: Fine Wine Delivery Co’s management has announced a competition with prizes to be won for the best name for this sensational new addition to the craft gin market. Anyone can participate, the details provided here

As the Master Distiller, I would like to note on the very complicated recipe and indeed, it was a challenge, but with a very happy end. GIN 133 is a completely new type of gin, and I am grateful to the spirits experts Richard Poole and Michael Black of Fine Wine Delivery Co for their idea to create this rare and extremely complex gin with the distinctive cinnamon nose and palate. Three months of experiments were required to achieve the eye-catching copper hue of GIN 133, and a beautifully silken mouthfeel and the perfectly balanced aftertaste at 43% strength. Fantastic as a sipping spirit, or with premium natural tonics, or in sophisticated cocktails!

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