NZ’s bespoke Vermouths now available in London!


At last UK connoisseurs will be able to try All-natural Vermouths. As far as I know, these bespoke Vermouths, handcrafted by myself by Dr Iryna Kirichuk’s (MD) original recipes for KARVEN private label , are the only 100% all-natural Vermouths that do not contain any harmful ingredients. Our unique family of Vermouth Bitters is complemented by the amazing Bitter called Amaro, also now imported by UK.

KARVEN’s Vermouth Bianco is a dry Vermouth, while KARVEN’s Vermouth Rosso is a sweet Vermouth, however its sweetness is achieved solely by using NZ grown fruit’s natural sugars. Our artisan Vermouths are based on processed quality NZ wines. The key element, however, is the sophisticated botanical composition of medicinal tinctures – extracts of fresh herbs. These extracts are crafted by Pharmacopoeia recommendations using Spiritus Vini (Lat.) – alcohol distilled from NZ quality wine at Puhoi Organic Distillery. By the way, it is very labour and time-intensive alcohol, and at least 12 litres of wine are converted into a single litre of Spiritus Vini. The strength of 18% of alcohol is the warranty for the long shelf life and the stability of the product. The natural sediment may occur with time, and is a good indicator that the product is of natural origin.

KARVEN’s Amaro Bitter’s composition does not not contain any wine, but contains more Spiritus Vini (25% ABV) and a lot more medicinal tinctures. Its sweetness and colour derives mostly from NZ grown strawberries. Unlike many mainstream bitters, that attract so many naive customers by their artificially achieved bright colours and specific nose and taste, we have chosen a more challenging path by using only all-natural ingredients and technologies.




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