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Premium Caviar & Caviar Vodka

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GENUINE CAVIAR   Caviar is often referred to as “the black gold”, due to its high nutritional, gourmet and market value. Since ancient times, caviar has been considered a gastronomic extravagance in gourmet cuisine environments, and no wonder, as sturgeon fish species are the same age as dinosaurs and […]


Master Distiller’s Reserve spirits delivered to your door directly from the New Zealand manufacturer – solar powered Puhoi Organic Distillery

To satisfy the demand of international connoisseurs for top quality rare and exotic spirits, we accept orders with the shipment door-to-door from Puhoi Organic Distillery to a number of overseas destinations: European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Singapore. Master Distiller’s Reserve selected for export by Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk, is the […]


Alcohol Sanitizers to fight COVID-19

Dr Kirichuk’s (MD) Antiviral Sanitizers One of Dr Kirichuk’s (MD) professional principles states: “Don’t put on your skin what would harm you if you swallowed it”. This philosophy is based on the scientifically proved fact: active substances which apply on our skin inevitably end up in our blood stream as they penetrate through the skin […]


NEW IN STORE: Antiviral Sanitizer: Strong food-grade Alcohol

According to medical science, the best weapon against all types of viruses is strong alcohol. The research shows that the best weapon in order to kill the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is strong alcohol 75% ABV (alcohol by volume). IMPORTANT: disinfection and sanitizing of hands, face, cookware, plates, cutlery, etc. require FOOD GRADE ALCOHOL only. We […]


A Spirited Tale for Christmas by Nadia Magazine

A huge thanks to Nadia magazine for the amazing 6-page editorial article in Nadia’s Christmas issue December 2019-January 2020!


Te Ra: Apple&Saffron solar-distilled gin for SolarCity NZ

Puhoi Distillery and Solarcity have teamed up to bring you Te Rā, a limited edition gin that has been distilled with sunshine using solarZero energy service. Read more and watch by following the link 


Recommended by Lonely Planet

“If you’re after a genuinely boutique experience, this distillery should top your list.” Lonely Planet’s Global Distillery Tour Read more


Global Distillery Tour by Lonely Planet

Exciting news! Puhoi Organic Distillery was placed on the top of the list of the world’s boutique distilleries by the Lonely Planet experts in their Global Distillery Tour 2019 publication (to be released in May 2019). We thank the experts of the Lonely Planet who recognised the Unobtainium level of our spirits. You can pre-order […]


High Strength Food-grade alcohol 96% ABV for your home-made Tinctures & Bitters

Anyone can make their own medicinal tinctures at home: if you have sorted out which botanicals you want to use, the only problem to be solved is obtaining high quality strong food-grade alcohol (Ethanol). We are the experts in distilling vegan friendly food-grade alcohol, as well as highly experienced tincture and extract makers using this […]

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