New release of artisan spirits celebrating New Zealand grapes!


Although New Zealand dry wines are highly respected around the world, there is no spirit made on the New Zealand grape base that would celebrate the authentic New Zealand grapes absorbing the unique Pacific terroir.

Puhoi Organic Distillery is the pioneer who took on the challenge to fill in this gap. As the result, we have created two unique all-natural products handcrafted in New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc Vodka and Oak Matured Grappa.

Twelve bottles of quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc need to be sacrificed to create one bottle of aromatic Sauvignon Blanc Vodka! Its Limited Edition is now available for purchase from our online cellar here 

Oak Matured Grappa is artisan spirit that combines the beauty of great Cognacs and Single Malt Whiskeys.  It is an extremely smooth, light sipping spirit to drink which intertwines both fruit and floral aromas and tastes. Its Limited Edition (100 bottles only) has been included into the Puhoi Organic Distillery Master Distiller’s Reserve – now available for purchase from our online cellar here. 


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