Oak Matured Vermouth (750ml 18% ABV)

$85.00 inc. GST


Sulphur-free Oak Matured Vermouth is an innovative alcoholic beverage based on old traditions of herbal medicinal wines based on Enotherapeutic principles (Enotherapy – science of treatment with alcohol-based and botanically-infused remedies).

Handcrafted by the sophisticated formula of Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD), and includes only all-natural ingredients, and no nasty chemical additives. Unlike all other vermouths currently existing on the market, this gorgeous artisan product does not contain any refined sugars, and its sweetness results from natural New Zealand grown fruits. Its vivid colour derives from New Zealand berries, mostly raspberries and strawberries, and also from the complex botanical composition.

The pleasant, mouth-watering bitterness comes from fresh medicinal botanicals, mainly Wormwood family, presented by three varieties, complementing each other in this beautiful Vermouth, and organically grown in the herbal garden next to the Distillery.

High quality New Zealand Viognier dry wine is used as the Oak Matured Vermouth’s base, and is treated by the secret know-how technology to become a perfect carrier for the biologically active nutrients provided by the botanical composition.

To avoid mainstream use of harmful sulphites preserving wine, but destroying its natural properties, Puhoi Organic Distillery fortifies Vermouth by Spiritus Vini – Lat. Alcohol distilled from wine on site.

Although Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Oak Matured Vermouth contains up to 60% of Viognier, it is neither wine, nor wine product, but in essence an aromatic, wine-based bitter – a remake of ancient herbal curative monastic wines. Following those monastery traditions, I mature young Vermouth in Ukrainian oak small barrels long enough to obtain a rounded, balanced palate.

TASTING NOTES: Natural light garnet colour (must be protected from direct sunlight); pleasant herbaceous apothecary nose; salubrious yet festive palate generating endorphins. Slightly oaky aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Perfect as aperitif – served neat on ice; addition of lime slice is also a good idea. An irreplaceable ingredient for such classy cocktails as Martini, Negroni, and other ‘Unforgettables’.

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