Classic Grain Vintage Vodka (750ml 38% ABV)

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Classic Grain Vintage Vodka. Handcrafted in small batches. Limited Edition (100 bottles only). 38% alcohol by volume. 750ml.


This vodka explodes the two old myths that “vodka cannot be tasty” and that “There is no such thing as Vintage vodka”. My Classic Grain Vodka is vintage and very tasty indeed!

My boutique Classic Grain Vintage Vodka is manufactured in the best classic vodka traditions: crystal clear, with a diamond shine and the characteristic taste and aroma. More good news is that the Classic Grain Vodka has neither the unpleasant aftertaste nor the “throat-scratching” effect so typical for many other vodkas.

And how do I achieve this?

I handcraft my small batches (no more than 100 bottles per batch) without any haste using my original technologies that I have perfected during many years of experiments. Each bottle’s label is numbered by hand, as well as the batches; and my signature below those numbers proves that the bottle belongs to a specific batch. Because each batch is handcrafted, and its palate achieved as the result depends on many variables, such batches should be distinguished by the time the artisan spirit was produced, or, in one word – ‘vintage’.

I have applied a great deal of good science to my methods. I am pretty certain that I am the only Distiller and Spirit Manufacturer in the world who uses what I call the ‘True Gravity Flow’ technology. So why does gravity play such an important role in my distilling process? It is because pumping against gravitational forces is known to negatively influence/break the molecular structure of liquids. There are no pumps at my Distillery. All liquid movements during the distillation process are achieved using natural gravitation forces only. The alcohol born from the selected GMO-free wheat is delicately diluted with the soft, untreated deep-bore artesian water from the Distillery’s own unique 221-meter deep artesian water bore.

The purification process is a “must” for turning the new-born vodka into the sophisticated top-quality spirit with no harmful impurities.

The purification production phase, in its turn, is both time-consuming and labour-intensive, and is achieved in three steps using the natural absorbents. One of these natural absorbents is activated charcoal which is traditionally used for all classic vodkas. The other two natural absorbents are my secret know-how, but I can reveal the secret slightly and tell you that those natural absorbents can only be found in the unique New Zealand’s clean and green environment.

Upon completion of the purification process, the new batch is left to “rest” for at least three weeks. This allows for the vodka structure to stabilize and to form the desired molecular clusters.

The vodka is bottled in French-made glass bottles (750 ml) and hand-stoppered with glass stoppers (German patent) which protects the quality of the product and makes it shelf life limitless.

Good news for vegans: my Classic Grain Vintage Vodka is Vegan-Friendly, as no animal products are used in its manufacturing.

Good news for everyone: I do not use any of the 45 food additives permitted in the manufacturing of Certified Organic products. This makes my spirits Super Organic!

The Alcohol strength: 38% by volume. This alcohol level is observed according to Dr Iryna Kirichuk’s recommendations, as this particular strength of alcohol is the least harmful for health. I always explain this effect in detail and the theory behind it during the tastings at the Puhoi Organic Distillery.

The Classic Grain Vintage Vodka is very smooth and leaves an amazing uplifting aftertaste.

Master Distiller’s serving recommendations: I recommend serving my Classic Grain Vintage Vodka slightly chilled in shot glasses or mixed with fruit juices (freshly squeezed apple juice is my preferred choice).

I am a big fan of the sensible old Ukrainian alcohol consumption traditions, according to which spirits made from grain were considered “liquid bread” and a part of the daily diet. This is why alcohol was only consumed during the evening meal and in moderation. The Ukrainian society discouraged alcohol drinking for the purpose of getting intoxicated; on the other hand, so ingrained are these traditions that the people who did not drink alcohol at all were treated with suspicion.

Historically, Ukrainians were the early adopters of Responsible Host Alcohol Consumption Policies. Centuries of responsible and sensible spirits consumption have resulted in the invention of special food to accompany strong alcohol drinking – known as ‘zakuski’. The art and skills of matching ‘zakuski’ to different types of spirits (there is a big variety of them) was, and still is highly valued in the Ukraine. Usually all our tastings at the Puhoi Organic Distillery are accompanied with the matching ‘zakuski’, because this is an essential part of our Ukrainian Culture.

Undoubtedly, the best Vodka food is Caviar! At the same time, only dogs can eat Caviar without Vodka!

If you are one of those lucky devils who have Caviar served in front of them, don’t be a fool and drink Champaign – make sure that you stock up on the best Vodka you can find. And remember, the best Vodka ever created is my Classic Grain Vintage Vodka!


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