Saffron&Apple Gin (750ml 38% ABV)


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Saffron & Apple Gin is the sensational addition to my new coloured Gin range!

Its mesmerizing summer sunshine colour perfectly reflects our solar-powered boutique production: Saffron & Apple Gin is a true piece of summer in a bottle!

The stunning natural sunshine colour derives from the precious New Zealand grown saffron, and the famous crunchy New Zealand apples.

Our Doctor-Formulator Iryna Kirichuk (MD) chose saffron and apples as the best source of the sunshine colour coupled with their medicinal properties.

Handcrafted in the Old Tom style, this mouth-watering gin is lightly sweetened with natural apple juice, which both adds a beautiful aromatic note to its nose, and extra smoothness. The apples are hand-picked in old abandoned orchards, spray-free, and from old-variety trees producing very sweet and fragrant apples.

Saffron is world-renowned not only as the most expensive spice, but also as a powerful healing botanical, which been used in natural medicine for many hundreds of years. Ayurveda sings praises to saffron and its many healing properties, some of the most well-known are: Aphrodisiac, Mood and memory-enhancing and blood-sugar balancing. The latest scientific research attributes cancer-fighting properties to saffron.

This sipping gin has strength of 38% ABV; it is extraordinarily smooth, and so not only it can be enjoyed in cocktails, but also neat on the rocks.

Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Saffron & Apple is a Kiwi Gin sensation, and also a delicious innovation.

Master Distiller

Alex Kirichuk

Puhoi, New Zealand 2019