Bohemian Feijoa Schnapps (750ml 38% ABV)

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This rare and exotic Schnapps is distilled from the feijoa grown at the local famous award-winning certified organic Lothlorien farm.

The process of distillation was conducted very carefully in order to preserve the very specific aromatic Feijoa fruit nose. At the same time, this is a very pure and smooth spirit.

Feijoa fruit is very fragile for handling, and the season is very short, and such vintage Schnapps can only be made once a year. This is a very small batch, due to the fact that producing such top quality aromatic Schnapps is very labour-intensive and time-consuming, therefore, we are not sure we will make another batch any time soon, so order while this miniature batch lasts.

Recommended to be served chilled and on the rocks.


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