Caviar Vodka 38%ABV 375ml


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Puhoi Organic Distillery’s team proudly presents the boutique handcrafted solar distilled & oak matured Caviar Vodka. We are the experts in evaluating the quality of both the caviar & vodka, so, creating the best vodka for the best caviar is our forté. This smooth bespoke vodka has mouthwatering aroma and piquant taste. It perfectly matches seafood and, above all, premium malossol black caviar.

Sturgeon caviar, one of the  world’s most prized foods, deserves  the most matching spirit , which is a finely paired vodka. A shot of bespoke Caviar Vodka is a perfect partner for a spoon of premium malossol caviar – a truly amazing gourmet experience! This vodka contains a sophisticated botanical formula, pure artesian water and solar distilled bio-identical alcohol. Thoroughly purified using fresh caviar and maturing in miniature Ukrainian oak barrels.

Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk

P.S. “Only dogs can eat caviar without vodka!”