Niue Vanilla & Honey Rum

$200.00 inc. GST


Niue Vanilla Rum is the latest 2023 sustainable project by Puhoi Organic Distillery in collaboration with the Niue Vanilla, the only organic Vanilla grower on Niue.

This rare & exotic all-natural spirit distilled by solar power is enriched with highly aromatic botanicals, and its aroma and taste are dominated by the magnificent Niue Vanilla.

Niue Vanilla Rum is a rising star in the category of the premium Spiced Rums and has no artificial additives, as well as no caramel, which is nowadays used and abused by the mainstream liquor industry. This artisan rum’s mesmerising dark amber colour derives from the bountiful amounts of vanilla and natural cask. The visual elegance of this mouth-watering sipping rum is accentuated by an organic Vanilla pod lovingly hand-placed in every bottle of Niue Vanilla Rum.

The delicate sweetness which you will discover in this fine spirit is courtesy of the unique honey sustainably harvested on Niue.

Enjoy the warmth and the tropical character of Niue Vanilla Rum!

This solar-distilled sustainably made all-natural golden rum has already caused a few sensations on major international 2023 trade shows in Dusseldorf and Shanghai.

Master Distiller’s serving recommendations: I recommend serving the sipping Niue Vanilla Rum at room temperature or “on the rocks” in a tulip-shaped glass. The cocktail lovers will also appreciate this beautiful vanilla-infused rum in the classic rum-based cocktails.

And if you are after a real sensational feast for your palates, add a generous drop into cup with strong black tea!

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