Raspberry Dry Gin (750ml 38% ABV)

$125.00 inc. GST

Handcrafted in small batches. Limited Edition (100 bottles only). 38% alcohol by volume. 750ml.


Unlike numerous fashionable now pink gins coloured by artificial colourings, my Raspberry Dry Gin obtains its vibrant colour directly from fresh raspberries. The micro-batch of 100 bottles only demands exactly 25kg of fresh, top-quality raspberries!

Before choosing raspberry to marry with the gin, I have experimented with a great many botanicals, including rhubarb, cherries, strawberries and many others, but raspberries are the ultimate winners in every respect evaluated: colour, nose and taste. So I chose these incredible berries, as they are second to none.

At the same time, raspberries presented a serious challenge, as their distinctive powerful flavour could easily overtake the classic composition of gin-creating botanicals. I am proud to have been able to achieve the perfect balance between the two leaders: Macedonian juniper and New Zealand raspberry berries.

Everyone who has tried my Raspberry Dry Gin has agreed that the perfect harmony was reached: the leading raspberry & juniper duet are beautifully supplemented by citrus, Manuka flowers, feijoa flowers, coriander and a hint of Horopito.

TASTING NOTES: Distinctive, rich naturally achieved raspberry colour, mesmerizingly shimmering in the bottle or decanter; unexpected yet harmonious composition of fresh raspberries and fragrant juniper supported by a choir of refreshing citruses and enigmatic botanicals; ‘unobtainium’, unforgettable taste, which makes my Raspberry Dry Gin stand out among all other gins and can’t be confused with any other gin.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Unlike my other gin varieties (which are all sipping gins) Raspberry Dry Gin was designed to be the key player in exotic cocktails. First of all, this is G&T cocktail, which now can be ‘Raspberry Pink’. The best tonic I can recommend for the Raspberry Pink G&T, is Indian Tonic Water by Fever-Tree brand.

And the last, but not the least – my pride & joy: delightful news for Negroni Lovers – 100% all-natural exotic artisan New Zealand Raspberry Negroni is born! Apart from Raspberry Dry Gin, Puhoi Organic Distillery handcrafts also Oak-Matured Raspberry Amaro and Oak-Matured Vermouth (all sulphite-free and white sugar-free). I believe that Puhoi Organic Distillery is the only Distillery in the world which offers all-natural Raspberry Pink Negroni. And all this alcohol is solar-distilled!

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