Sauvignon Blanc Vodka (750ml 38% ABV)

$125.00 inc. GST


Sauvignon Blanc Vodka is handcrafted from the very best New Zealand sources – high quality vintage Sauvignon Blanc, recognised worldwide as the iconic New Zealand wine. At least six bottles of quality Sauvignon Blanc are required to create one bottle of such outstanding vodka.

Vodka distilled from wine is a new concept for New Zealand, and I am the only Master Distiller handcrafting vodka from wine distilled alcohol (Lat. Spiritus Vini). Nevertheless, it is the original traditional method of obtaining high-quality potable alcohol which was utilised for many centuries, starting from alchemists and until now (by advanced distillers).

Tasting notes:

Very smooth and light spirit, which delicate fruit aroma is reflecting the famous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc nose. A remarkably pleasant aftertaste.

Highly praised by the Vodka connoisseurs internationally, particularly by our Chinese customers.

Recommended to serve chilled and neat with any seafood, cheese, fruit and dessert.

Exceptionally nice as the Vodka part in the fruit and berry cocktails.


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