Wormwood Botanical Vodka (750ml 38% ABV)

$125.00 inc. GST


A truly sensational sipping spirit!

A remake of the traditional medicinal Vodkas from the past centuries targeted to ignite digestion. Infused with a sophisticated composition of botanicals, including three varieties of fresh organically grown Wormwood from the Puhoi Organic Distillery’s own herbal garden.

The distinguished bitterness of Wormwood is softened with other herbs recommended by Herbal Medicine for the improvement of digestion.

Based on highly purified top quality grain alcohol and the untouched Artesian water from the Puhoi Organic Distillery’s own deep water bore.

Tasting notes:

Apothecary-style herbal tanginess igniting digestion. A perfect match for most dishes, and also perfect as both aperitif and digestive.

Recommended to be served neat and at room temperature.

Use in cocktails: perfect in any apple-juice containing cocktails, such as Screwdriver. Also a good substitute for Absinthe.

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