DoubleWood Whisky (750ml 43% ABV)

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I am too old to wait for 12 years before my Whiskey ages to the required condition. That is why I used the Smart Kiwi Ingenuity approach, and the first result of it was my DoubleWood Whisky Batch #1 vintage 2017, which has the palate of the 12-year-old Whisky.

Without revealing all the secrets, I can nevertheless share some essential facts important for the discerning Whisky connoisseurs. Puhoi Organic Distillery’s Single Malt DoubleWood Whisky is handcrafted in Limited Edition and very small batches by my own original technology. I used multiple distillation stages in order to cut off the maximum of ‘heads and tails’. I then diluted the resulting, thoroughly retrieved ‘heart’ to the strength of 47% ABV with the pure artesian water before filling the barrels.

For the purposes of double aging, I have purchased top quality small volume oak barrels handcrafted in the Ukraine. These five and ten-litre barrels provide the distillate a much better contact with oak than the standard Whisky barrels of 200 litres and more. On top of this, the commercial whisky makers, for the purposes of economizing the storage space at the Distilleries, and saving the costs of the barrels, put distillate no less than 60% ABV (usually later diluted to the lesser strength). However, it is the proven fact, that the 47% ABV distillate works much better with the oak in the barrel.

Now it is the time to tell about the barrels themselves: commercial whisky (not to be confused with the American ‘Whiskey’) makers conventionally recycle second-hand wine barrels (rendered unsuitable for wine-making). I, however, used the brand new, selected Western Ukrainian white oak barrels, which I preliminarily treated, both externally and internally for several months, by my special secret method using food grade ingredients only.

This was the first treatment stage. The second stage was that part of the barrels was filled with the organic Puhoi Red Grape extract, and the other part was filled with organic Puhoi Plum extract. These extracts were prepared by special recipes of Dr Iryna Kirichuk (MD) by the same technology she uses for her famous Red Grape and Sweet Plum Tonics. By the way, it was a very labour and time-consuming process to distill the enormous amount of quality New Zealand wine in order to produce extracts used only once for soaking the barrel’s oak with such valuable liquid.

I stop the aging process when the strength of whisky in the barrel reaches 43% ABV. The bottling follows immediately in order to maintain this achieved barrel strength. Needless to say, this precious collectible Whisky is bottled unfiltered. As I already explained my small barrel technique above, there is no sense to put the number of ‘aging years’ on the label, but, according to my opinion as well as opinion of the experts I consulted with, this Whisky can be positioned at the same level as 12-year-old Whisky on the conventional scale.

This unique Whisky is created for the experienced and discerning Whisky connoisseurs, and I therefore refrain from providing any serving suggestions, as I do not want to teach them “how to suck eggs”. Enjoy!

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