‘Stand With Ukraine’ fundraising spirit: Vodka-Horilka 40%ABV

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‘Stand With Ukraine’ fundraising spirit: Vodka-Horilka 40%ABV. 750ml.


First of all, our Ukrainian family team express our sincere gratitude to all the New Zealand Vodka sellers who removed Russian and Belorussian Vodkas off their shelves in support of the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ campaign, due to the facts that these brands sponsor Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In our turn, being the only spirits’ manufacturer of Ukrainian origin in New Zealand, are presenting our new Vodka-Horilka in order to replace the agressor’s commodities with the New Zealand made fine spirit handcrafted by Ukrainians. Moreover, all profits from the sales of the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ spirit will sponsor the activities of the Honorary Consul of Ukraine to New Zealand to support the Ukraine and Ukrainians.  SLAVA UKRAINI! Boycott Russian Vodka! STAND WITH UKRAINE!

Ukraine is famous for its traditions of strong spirits-making, first of all, HORILKA (Ukrainian language does not use Russian word ‘vodka’; instead, the Ukrainian word Horilka defines a strong spirit around 40% ABV). The good news is that Ukrainian Horilka is known to be much be better than Russian vodka in quality at all times! Now, even better news: the NZ-made Ukrainian Horilka handcrafted by solar-powered Puhoi Organic Distillery is one of the world’s best products in its category.

Our boutique Limited Edition Vodka-Horilka is manufactured in the best classic white spirits’ traditions: crystal clear, with a diamond shine and the characteristic taste and aroma. It has neither the unpleasant aftertaste nor the “throat-scratching” effect so typical for many Russian and Belorussian vodkas, removed from the shelves. We are confident that the connoisseurs will welcome and support such replacement.

We are a boutique Distillery operated by the three Ukrainian family members only (including the Master Distiller Alex Kirichuk, who is also the Honorary Consul of Ukraine to New Zealand) and produce 300 bottles of Limited Edition Vodka-Horilka per batch. Therefore, this is a unique and collectible spirit.

Just like all other spirits produced by Puhoi Organic Distillery, this Vodka-Horilka is all natural, does not contain any artificial additives and chemicals, and, on top of this, it is Vegan-friendly.

The vodka is bottled in French-made glass bottles (750 ml) and hand-stoppered with glass stoppers (German patent) which protects the quality of the product and makes its shelf life limitless.

Master Distiller’s serving recommendations: I recommend serving my Vodka-Horilka really well-chilled, just like during Ukrainian winters (for this your Vodka-Horilka should reside the freezer) in shot glasses and drinking it neat, just as the famous Ukrainian Cossack fighters always did, and just like the brave Ukrainian defenders drink it now!

Historically, Ukrainians were the early adopters of Responsible Host Alcohol Consumption Policies. Centuries of responsible and sensible spirits consumption have resulted in the invention of special food to accompany strong alcohol drinking – known as ‘zakuski’. The art and skills of matching ‘zakuski’ to different types of spirits (there is a big variety of them) was, and still is highly valued in the Ukraine. Usually all our tastings at the Puhoi Organic Distillery are accompanied with the matching ‘zakuski’, because this is an essential part of our Ukrainian Culture.

If you want to learn more about the Ukrainian Cossack traditions of food & drink, book your tasting by CONTACTING US

P.S. Every purchased bottle of the fundraising Vodka-Horilka comes accompanied with two weatherproof ‘Stand With Ukraine’ car bumper stickers – a gift from the Honorary Consul of Ukraine to NZ.

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